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Should I learn more broadly applicable programming skills or make small goofy gamedev projects before I enter CS in Uni?

Either is fine, honestly. Do the one that will keep you motivated and interested. If you're going to a reasonable university, you'll be properly drilled with the math, etc. techniques so long as you focus and do all the work.

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When are you going to tell us more about the Southern Witch and the city that was in her domain?

You'll learn more about the Souther Witch Apostle soon -- but the Southern Witch herself... well, you'll have to wait and see on that one.

Can you enter and go out of the witch cities whenever you want?

The Templar send out their strongest to extend the reach of The City and make the wild places fit for the White Witch's garden. But they leave when it is ordained they should leave, and may only return if they are permitted. The good branch comes from the good root, after all.
Those under the protection of the Southern Witch Apostle are bound by The Pact.
Those in Enna's Domain may come and go as they please... but if you've arrived in Enna's Domain, it's because you have nowhere else to go.

How far away are the caves from Enna's domain / Algis' domain?

All paths lead to Enna's Domain, but some are longer than others. Some travel for years and never find it, others find it right outside their doorstep -- others stumble upon the place entirely by accident. Everyone knows Enna's Domain is North, but the details are always conflicting.
The caves are actually directly underneath the remains of one of the satellite cities (once inhabited by the Templar). The satellite city is many weeks travel from The City.


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