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>>Maybe the stuffed hornmother should come with a tiny stuffed cow... ||| Hrrrrrrnnnnnggggg!! Yes! What must I do to make this happen?

Just wait for it. =w=
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How would you deal with depression?

Exercise really helps. I'm not joke around, either -- it's worth remembering that we're animals and that amongst out other needs (like food, sunlight, social stimulation, etc.) that we have a real need for physical exertion.
More serious matters have to be solved with drugs. Talk to your doctor.
But seriously -- just two even even TWO minutes of exercise in the morning. That's all. I start my day with a few pullups and it is like night and day. I have energy and feel ready to tackle the world after just 20 or so. That's really all it takes. I know it sounds insane, but give it a try and report back, anon!

I'm adding up things suggested and it's build into quite a product. Hornmother plushy. Cries when squeezed. Mwuus when poked. Comes with a black robe, cow and egg(which pops out hornmother 's when squeezed). Egg has smallhorn inside which says, "nohown gwo hwome" when squeezed.

Might as well genetically engineer a real hornmother at this point. I'll cost less.
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Here's the tweest for the himehorn comic: The alien meat was poisonous and they all die OR the alien meat makes everyone go crazy and they kill themselves while crying. Fucking 10 out of fucking 10, literally a second Nana.

What is this? Hornborne?

After that last Hornmother pic, I now imagine a Speak-and-Say with "The Hornmother goes Mwuu." Best childhood toy ever.

Maybe the stuffed hornmother should come with a tiny stuffed cow... =w=
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The Albertains are voting in the NDP. Is this real life, Dan?

I feel like we're stuck in an episode of Sliders.

Where did you live before Montreal, and why did you choose to live there when you moved?

Ontario -- I moved to Montreal for work! I designed video games for 4 years. It was alright, but F2P made the job really terrible... sacrificing good gameplay for value extraction mechanics is pretty soul destroying if you got into the business to make fun, good games.

You have said a lot about your feelings towards romance and a significant other, but do you ever feel like you crave more friends and platonic social activity?

Not really!
I find it hard to keep up with folks and I'm not really all too interested in their life updates and personal drama. I've never been able to maintain real life friendships without feeling very fake about the whole thing. Eventually I just called it quits -- if I don't enjoy it and I'm being phoney all the time, that's not fun for me and it's unfair to the other person.

Do you ever gets so caught up in your own worldbuilding and ask fm responses that you lose track of what information the "common audience" has and what still needs to be conveyed to them?

The goal of Vampire Bride is to proceed as if the audience already knew all the background information, so that doesn't worry me too much. The wiki is there for folks who want everything laid out in an explicit way, but the background material is simply assumed (the way I assume you know all the relevant background information when you read "Alice chased a rabbit who was late down the hole" -- you already know about rabbits, that there's a convention where you're not supposed to be late for things, what a hole is, etc.)
You could call it the Dark Souls of vampire moe comics, kukuku~
Puella Pantsuit will be a straight-forward comic, though, and obey all the normal storytelling conventions.

I figured it out. Mr. Mopps' race is actually a servant minion vampires can create magically out of friendly creatures. Bikky is transformed by Snax into Mr. Mopps at the end of Vampire Bride.

Vaatividya? Is that you?
I figured it out Mr Mopps race is actually a servant minion vampires can create

I can imagine two haremhorns running back and forth with food stopping to realize each others disparity in boob size and laugh. One being flat as a board and the other overly developed.

If a haremhorn has big boobs, she's usually working in the nursery (unless her disposition doesn't allow it). That would definitely be a cute scene though. =w=

What's the most a cutest sound effect? Fwappa fwappa? Maybe bloop bloop?

Fwip Fwop -- the found of a bat waddle-walking!
Whats the most a cutest sound effect Fwappa fwappa Maybe bloop bloop

Has there ever been a perio in your life where you were discouraged from drawing in "anime style"? I feel like many people in my generation first got interested in art through anime and manga, and gave up drawing when told it wasn't "real art."

I heard people say that in high school, but I always knew they were wrong. The mark of genuine art is that it expresses that which begs to be expressed and cannot be expressed in any other form. It is outward manifestation of the soul's yearning for another world -- what's left of religiosity when all doctrines, beliefs, practices, and commitments have been blasted away.
In short: it is, for me, what makes life worth living.
Anyway, there is nothing about "anime style" that either hinders or assists in the pursuit of art. But why choose anime style then? Like a love affair, you are either swept away by it or not -- justifications are not only unneeded, but out of place. There is no answer to "why?" except, maybe, the one Calvin gives: http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1995/03/13/
Also: beware self-appointed guardians, anon. They are dangerous and in their hearts dream themselves your master. When it comes to art and the exploration of what you think makes this life worth living, we are all only fellow travellers... I wish you good luck on your journey...

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What do you think of Himehorn garden gnomes?

The_Real_Evil_Steve’s Profile PhotoEvil Steve
I think they're a great idea. If I had a garden I'd get a whole herd of 'em and set up cute little scenes: a smallhorn hiding under a leaf, a bunch of hornmothers snacking, a sneaky hornmother stealing snacks from the haremhorns...
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"What's she gonnna do when she's gone? She doesn't know. ;~;" || Perhaps the solution to the lone bat situation is to pull her fangs out, mount them in her forhead, dye her hair and opt for the herd life... =P

why this
Whats she gonnna do when shes gone She doesnt know   Perhaps the solution to the

Are you very familiar with the Vampire Hunter D novels? The more I read on the wiki for Vampire Bride, the more I'm getting vague hints of the fallen decadence that setting tried to impress on the reader.

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
I've only seen the movie. I can definitely see the resemblance, though. I love that kind of setting -- roaming about the ashes of a lost age... that's part of what I loved about Dark Souls, too, actually.

If Snax is worried about old age, why not make Bikky a glampire like herself? True, then they'd need a third to be their snugglebun/blood bank, but then they'd be together forever...

Maybe it's already happening...? Bikky is a little more obedient these days than she used to be...

Was Snax a vampire when she was sitting in her castle living the good life or did vampire happen to her after she left?

She was always a vampire.
Was Snax a vampire when she was sitting in her castle living the good life or

Pancake and Cupcake come crying to you, screaming and tearing at each others' clothes. You calm them down and it turns out they had a fight over whether syrup or frosting is better. What do you say?

I take Cupcake's phone and send her to her room and give Pancake plenty of headpats, butter, and syrup. Pancake loves daddy,right? Pancake is daddy's omega cutest~! <3

Are all the vampires douches, worthless layabouts (the bat) or both, or why isn't there a community paying some sort of blood tithe in exchange for protection?

That's like a delicious cake offering a little bit of frosting so I don't eat it. Sorry, cake, but I'm going to eat you, your friends, and everyone you love. You can't stop me. You're just a cake.
And the vampires vary -- did you already read the wiki?

Why isn't there a maple syrup based alcohol, like mead is made from honey? Are you Canadians just keeping it secret from the rest of us?!

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
It's part of our strategic syrup reserve. We keep it next to our stockpiles of Moosemeat Poutine and emergency hockey pucks.
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