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What level of technology is most commonly available in the Vampire Bride Universe?

It's a real mix, since all kinds of alien ships have landed on Big Egg. Then there are the witches and their apostles...
Just amongst the himehorns, there are caves with witch devices, caves with video games, and caves that get by with waterwheels and that sort of thing. Others live like in the old days -- on haremhorn and musclehorn labor alone.

I guess most of the herds don't wear cloths down in the witch caves because it's comfortable enough to go without them. But on the surface, the cakeist's defective herd has started to wear cloths because it's too cold other wise. Am I right?

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Defective horn keeper isn't the same person as the cakeist... even if the cakeist's herd is pretty defective.
And it seems that some of defective horn keeper's horns wear clothes (if I remember correctly).


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