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>Spirit of Comics | It has many names, Dan! You can't define it! Its way beyond your understanding!

Such is the nature of The Spirit of Comics.
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I want to become a corpse! I really really hate like! But, where should I start? Shotguns here are not available, and so far I've been left behind by everyone else...

You can become a corpse later, anon. For now, you have to work hard and do your best! You can do it, anon.
I want to become a corpse I really really hate like But where should I start

Everyone knows Dan doesn't love Darkcake because she's gay. I have an inside girl!!

Darkcake wants to settle down with a good and reliable guy! Only not now -- she's way too busy with work and school and then there will be more work later... but she'll make time for it ... eventually... someday....

I want to become a Game Designer! I really really love it! But, where should I start? Education here is very expensive, and so far I'm leaving everyone else behind... are titles important when going for a job, or is it all about the portfolio? Also, Enna when?!

Re: programming:
Seriously -- you don't have to be a pro or be super efficient... just learn the basic of how to make things work in a game engine of your choice and get cracking. If you can prototype things quickly to test your ideas you'll have a huge advantage over other designers who have to work purely in theory, on paper, or in collaboration with a programmer. You'll also start training yourself to find the easy/smart way to design things: simple, modular, easy to balance parameters, easy for the player to understand, etc. You'll also start to learn how programmers think and you'll be able to write great documents.... the programmers will love you for it, you'll have their trust, and by seeing just how difficult and intricate things are under the hood you'll also learn to trust them.
Re: making VERY small games
You'll generate a portfolio for yourself this way and learn all the important features of game design and learn how to properly scope. You'll also learn how to fail quickly, iterate on a design, and how to find the right footholds to get started on design problems.
Also read game design books if you like, but don't let yourself get too tangled up in theory -- the real proof is in the pudding.
Anyway, hope that helps, anon!

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Is neckbeard blood like a milkshake for vampires? High in cholesterol from all the chips and fast food and sweet from the pre-diabetes?

Like pool water and garbage juice.
Vampires prefer the blood of untouched maidens... especially ones with tomboy himecut-shortcuts and glasses!
Is neckbeard blood like a milkshake for vampires High in cholesterol from all


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