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Hey cupcake can you get me a buttshot of papa Dankim? I'll give you $20. You gotta be sneaky though he's got a restraining order on me.

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Why don't you sign up Cupcake for a photography course? Maybe that way she will be able to take better pics.

ok pls b a respect on a caek that did a butt selfie4 u ok its cute pls do a i liek it 2 it just do itok!!!
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I know there was a shmup like that where it's revealed you were being mind-controlled to attack earth or something.

Sounds cool! What was it called?

this may be the lack of sleep talking, but has anyone done a SHMUP with the twist being that the protagonist is the villain, and the hint for this being that the player goes from right to left / from top to bottom? SIDESCROLLING THE WRONG WAY is the most criminal of offenses, right?

Can't think of any...
It's a cool idea, though.

We now have a release date for Dragon'd Dogma, only Capcom removed the berserk armour and the moon voice acting. They HAD to fuck it up somehow.

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If you had to guess, what do you think your coworkers at Ubi say about you behind your back?

I'm sure they don't say or think anything at all. I'm not interesting enough to generate gossip. They have more important things to do with their time.
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You were very helpful. I'll probably go with Disgaea first because I love the series and there's just so much content in that game. Thanks for the thoughts on the other two, Dan!

Enjoy! =w=

I'm getting a PS4 for Christmas but I can only afford 1 game right now. Do I buy Disgaea 5, MGSV, or Bloodborne? I know you like all 3.

That's a real tough one, anon.
Any of those games could last you months -- enough to save up for your next purchase...
If it were me, I'd pick the game based on post-game content. Disgaea has endless item worlds, power leveling, and user made dungeons ... MGS V has tons of side missions, but they can feel really samey if you don't get creative with your approach to battle (I ended up putting it down since I ended up sniping again and again) ... Bloodborne PVP isn't quite as fun as Dark Souls PVP, but the DLC and co-op are goddamn amazing.
Personally, I'd pick Bloodborne. But you gotta go with your tastes, anon.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
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Who is your senpai, Dan?

Hard to say. I tend to admire works rather than the the people who made 'em. I like MGS3, Souls games, Etrian Odyssey games, Persona 4, Panzer Dragoon II, Ecco the Dolphin...
When it comes to comics, books, and paintings, I like Kafka's shortest works, Blame!, Sidonia, and Zdzisław Beksiński.
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