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Christmas is only a few months away. What kind of gift/gifts would you like, and what was your favorite gift ever?

Fav: probably my Sega Genesis + Sonic all those years ago... ;w;
And what I really want is some news about Etrian Odyssey 5!

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Are there any video games that you've played that have left a strong impression on you or influence the way you try to write a narrative?

Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei, Ecco the Dolphin, and of course Dark Souls.
The big thing for me is that the world runs according to its own internal principles and the density of the relations present themselves in every bit of the world. Keep it all implicit, but give the player what he needs to explore the implicit relations.

How old was Cupcake when she first got frosted and was it by Chad or sone beta orbiter?

>implying some beta orbiter could ever get close than donating money to her on Twitch
pls b a respect on my a cutest, anon.
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Have you looked at FFT 1.3? It's a pretty awesome mod of the game with a completely overhauled class system, and even has two difficulty modes depending on if you like casual fun or prefer soulcrushing!

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
I heard about it from ENB!
I really need to give it a try... but I'm playing EO2:U right now. ;w;

>No bag of useless meat could rival my a cutest. || I have to agree, not even Arwen or Kota could get as much frosting pumped in them as cupcake does on an hourly basis.

Nubum’s Profile PhotoNubum
Arwen? The elf?
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After that sketch you did in the drawstream I checked out Mysterious Girlfriend X. Not bad. Have you read it/watched it, or were you just drawing it for that anon?

Yep, I read it. It was fun while it lasted.
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Do you like Tactical RPGs? If so, any favorites to recommend?

I do! But I haven't played that many.
I loved Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics. Disgaea 5 is coming out soon, so if you have a PS4, might as well wait for that. Phantom Brave was also pretty good, but mostly for the story.
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So her rival is so beyond notice she doesn't even know she has someone who considers her a rival?

Cupcake is the only one in Cupcake's universe.
Everything else is just there to be given to her.
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why doesn't Cupcake have a big boobed rival? all flat chested girls have a big boobed arch nemesis, so why not her?

No bag of useless meat could rival my a cutest.
Get out of my ask.fm immediately!
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Damn, you're down to earth man. You're one of the more helpful artists too. Thanks Dan! I'm gonna practice hard so I won't feel embarrassed to talk to you

Don't work hard for that, anon. Work hard so you can master your art and yourself.
Anyway, we're all just walking this road together. Cakeluck!
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I hv 1 flat but, hw do i maks mi cake lokz lik urz? #cak4eva!

ok u hav2 b pn a caek 2urself
ur a most a caek2u
so b ur a truest a caek ok
ur a caek
u shud no it4u
bye an glhave a caek bye
I hv 1 flat but hw do i maks mi cake lokz lik urz cak4eva

Hey Dan, any advice on how to build networks and get to know more artists?

Beats me. I just ended up following other folks who drew in the waifu threads.
Hmm. Actually, honestly, folks don't bother with you unless you're worth something to 'em. Either you have connections, abilities, power, status, or just cuteness on your side. We're all disgusting, wormy social ladder climbers of one kind or another. Some are slimier than others, but we're all that kind of creature. Make sure you have something you can offer as part of a cynical social exchange and you're in the game.
So get good at drawing, accomplish something, gather a following, and suddenly folks will want to talk to you.
Heck, a neckbeard like me actually gets qts talking to him after work now because they want to play the game and suck up to the inner circle of the team. I'm disgusted, of course, and politely turn the conversation immediately back to work, but there it is. Have something that people want and they'll come get it.

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What are you afraid of? Any traumas or things like that?

Probably just dying before I get my comics done.
I really want to finish Vampire Bride and On the Subject of Witches.
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How does one connect with people?

Honestly, I don't think it's really possible.
Companionship of a kind is possible, but we're alone in our own heads and forever talking past each other. We never really understand. But that's alright - we manage alright without that.
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