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4/? She hasn't openly dated him yet, I think she is stalking him mostly. But it's only a matter of time before it get there. I'm sorry Mr. Kim but Cupcake is not likely to want to return to you anytime soon.

How did this happen? It shouldn't be like this...
You were only supposed to deliver and retrieve cakes! Not collect frosting!!
4 She hasnt openly dated him yet I think she is stalking him mostly But its only

3/? Yes, Cupcake appears to have fallen in Love with a Teenage young man down the road. He seems to be a good enough fellow who has a talent and skill with machine repairs and other types of engineering. She has it BAD too. She set her phone screen to his picture.

It's... it's not possible! The only one my cutest loves is herself!!

2/? She has been sneaking out in the evening/right after dark when she thinks I am not looking. Somehow she is bribing the Musclehorns with a new kind of snack they LOVE of bacon jerky (yes bacon that is jerky) to get her to where she has been warned of.

... a night visit outside... my cutest... no...!! ;__;

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I knew this would happen sooner or later. Cupcake is starting to show signs of something I knew would happen to her the longer she stayed here. I have her proper warnings but she had to go and do it. 1/?

My a cutest and a best... are you making trouble for the defective horn apostle's herd?!

How does one encourage horns? Their development, their peace, The friendliness with nohorns and so on?

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The best was for, for a nohorn, is to GO HOME.
Himehorns are very insular, in that they have their herd and others are wrongherds, wronghorns, or nohorns. If you truly feel inclined to help them, please leave delicious cakes by the cave entrance. Nohorn meat would also be appreciated, but that would break The Pact, so please don't.
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6/6 so I will have to shore up and put defenses on that pathway. A real viable portal from one world to another... It's amazing. Anyway, Spring time is coming again. So more eggs are expected to hatch soon as well. all is well so far.

Thank your for your report, DefectiveHorn Apostle. I hope you don't fine too many other superdefective herds in the future. Even for an apostle, this is almost too much of a burden to bear.
66 so I will have to shore up and put defenses on that pathway A real viable

5/? There is still other alien life to be studied there too. But I don't want to bring any back with me. That and the path way between their world and mine is a weak point those who hunt my himehorns down might use.

There are many strange things in the witch caves, and not all of them are delicious food. It's amazing that a herd was able to pass through to your side. Perhaps another apostle, long ago, helped them make the journey.
5 There is still other alien life to be studied there too But I dont want to

4/? A dwarf star can last much longer than other stars before burning out. the Himehorn's star is no different. It'll be around more millions of more years. Although I don't know why their world is so cold. More work will be needed for that.

The yolk in the sky gives only a meager light during the day. If only it were bigger in the sky, it might give more light. In any case, the horns are deep underground, so they never see it anyway... ;_;

3/? Little wonder why the herds went underground. Their world seems to be getting close into being locked into an ice age. I brought some instruments with me and You might need to change your expected life span of their star.

Hmm, an apostle's instruments... these are different from witch devices...
3 Little wonder why the herds went underground Their world seems to be getting

2/? The herd that lives in and around that tree is truly a herd with one foot in my world and one in their old home world. There is a herd cave access near by it that is a very short walk to their world! I even went there! I might be the first human to ever walk on it's surface!

Freely crossing through the witchcaves without getting lost... this is one of the great powers of an Apostle!
2 The herd that lives in and around that tree is truly a herd with one foot in

Defectivehorn Apostle here, It seems you have been busy for awhile now Dan, I rarely see you on these days. Granted I too have been busy as well. After I found that fully grown herd tree, I did a lot of work in learning about the tree itself. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle!
I am looking through your reports (which I have irresponsibly allowed to pile up on my witch device). Here is one from almost 4 months ago... a happier report, which I am pleased to share with others.
The discovery of a herdtree in your world is an astounding fact. This is even more evidence that horns have been active in your world long before the surface of Big Egg turned cold. If there are herdtrees in your world, who knows how many other worlds the herd might have spread to...!
Defectivehorn Apostle here It seems you have been busy for awhile now Dan I

9/9 I came here to save Himihorns but now I had to kill them. Can I ever be forgiven?

DefectiveHorn Apostle... do your best... this is part of the Apostle's burden as well.

8/? Further more I ordered the herds to never stay near that deposit of ore ever again. I figured they had a really go place to live at there, but the levels of defective smallhorns were so high, they kept them if they could function instead. It got worse from there.

All it takes are a few slightly defective haremhorns that are too lenient, and the whole herd can fall apart. Besides doing all the maintenance tasks in the herd, that is why the low-ranking haremhorns are so important. Defectives must be left at the cave entrance.

7/? The ongoing lvls of radiation isn't much to any one here, IF you are here for a short. Really long time exposure to it will have a drastic effect on the Horns. The remains of the herd and their stuff was buried together. I ordered that cave to be sealed.

Rest in peace, defectiveherd. ;_;
7 The ongoing lvls of radiation isnt much to any one here IF you are here for a

5/? Many of them were sane enough to recognize that I am an Apostle. But others were so far gone, they attacked us on sight. The mutations were so bad on them, I could hardly tell they were horns! It was a messy fight and clean up work.

What a tragedy. But you did the right thing. A wrongherd like that must not be allowed to spread elsewhere. If they had encountered another non-defective herd, the same would have happened, I'm sure.
5  Many of them were sane enough to recognize that I am an Apostle But others

4/? I knew from a long time ago that Himehorns will adapt/mutate so they can adapt to a new land. Yet today I saw that in fast forward when things go wrong. ALL of that wild herd is a defective to one degree or another.

4 I knew from a long time ago that Himehorns will adaptmutate so they can adapt

3/? It was so bad Cupcake, the Muscle Horns, and Myself Had to leave them and return with proper equipment before we returned to finish the job. That's right, it's Uranium Ore and the much of the cave is covered in Radioactive bits.

Is there even a herd left? What kind of defective nightmare could survive in these conditions?
3 It was so bad Cupcake the Muscle Horns and Myself Had to leave them and return

2/? I had found this new defective herd in a natural cave near a deposit of a very dangerous ore. It seems it had reached into their cave system. The herd had unknowingly broke off many chunks of this ore and spread it around.

It couldn't be...

DefectiveHorn Apostle here, It s with a heavy heart I write to you Mr. Kim. Over all this time of me and my family I had to deal with so many kinds of defective horns and normal horns. Those were fairly alright or unsaveable. What I found near Danville was too much to bear. 1/?

Hello, DefectiveHorn Apostle!
I am dreading the rest of your letter... just what did you find?

5/5 well, I'm getting ready to head out again. Another rumor from the wild herds of a majorly wrong herd being reported to me down near Danville, VA. not too far from me. I'll let you know what I find later.

May the southern witch watch over you, defective horn apostle.
I am collecting your older reports now... I see there's news about a herdtree (!) in your world. This is a major discovery. I will write a proper reply soon.
55 well Im getting ready to head out again Another rumor from the wild herds of

4/? Cupcake when she isn't working with me and the herds is improving herself lately by seriously learning how to cook from my wife. It seems she was practically comically bad at cooking before she came to me, but now she is gotten much better. She's not burning anything now at least.

M-my cutest and a best actually trying her best at something...?
Cupcake... what happened to you?!

3/? The plants are inedible to humans and the horns find them too woody to eat so they won't mess with them. However the small horns love to try to play with the butterflies they attract. One smallhorn was so covered in butterflies I though they where trying to take off with her up into the air.

Smallhorns are light enough that it seems possible. Muhuhu~ =w=
3  The plants are inedible to humans and the horns find them too woody to eat so

2/? Awhile ago my wife and I planted a number of plants she called "butterfly bushes" that attract butterflies during summer. The horns don't seem to mind them and the plants help the environment so it's all a good thing.

Hmm, I hope the horns don't eat the butterflies. ;w;
2 Awhile ago my wife and I planted a number of plants she called butterfly

Defectivehorn Apostle here, You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up and look outside to see a pair of hornmothers and their attendants napping out in the back yard covered in butterflies. They do get up early and today is egg laying day too. 1/?

Hello, Defective Horn Apostle!
A happy egg day is a happy day indeed.


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