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what would happen if a nohorn got hold of a himehorn egg and raised a smallhorn from scratch?

Krisoyo’s Profile PhotoKrisoyo
Any himehorn growing without a herd would forever have a herd-shaped hole in her heart. A hornmother would never have the non-stop attention and pampering of her haremhorns (until she laid enough eggs, that is), a haremhorn wouldn't have enough work to do and would get terribly agitated or depressed (she might start painting the walls non-stop, pulling grass, pace around, etc.) ... meanwhile, a muslchorn would be totally listless and mind-broken without a haremhorn to order her around, get angry at her, and give her violent scrubbings... ;_;

Just you wait Danny Kimball. Hime - Hitler will rise up and unite the horn herds to undertake the No-Hornocaust and have them work in cake camps for the rest of their miserable lives! They will have all the lebensraum to lay their eggs in peace! HEIL HORN!

She's already here, anon:
She was born in the darkness, anon... molded by it...!
Just you wait Danny Kimball Hime  Hitler will rise up and unite the horn herds

That's the funny thing, I've been here since Tomoyo. I stayed FOR the suffering. Then one day, out of nowhere, I started disliking it. Maybe I just got older. Maybe it's too real with the world getting worse by the day. I don't know man, I don't know.

Well, I understand. I went through a long period where all I wanted to watch were moeblob shows like K-ON! and Lucky Star... but I came back around after Madoka. I suspect I'll be bouncing back and forth forever. But I'm okay with this. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the more comfy Vampire Bride side stories (like the one where Enna's daughters go on a shopping trip and get chased by the wolf girls =w=).

How do you feel about reloading as a game mechanic?

The thing about mechanics is that they always have to be evaluated against the rest of the system and the game as a whole. For example, if the combat is about feeling pressured by waves of enemies and strong team co-ordination, it could be interesting to have very long reload times so you have to depend on your team mates to cover you while you reload. In this case, you may want reloading to be quite rare (that is, greatly increase magazine size or offer some other method of replenishing ammo directly without reloading -- perhaps switch to a overheat/cooldown system instead of reloading) so those moments become special and the normal action isn't interrupted too often (overheat time / cooldown time also gives you strong levers for balancing). On the other hand, reload can be totally pointless if the experience is all about GOING FAST and shooting like crazy (like Doom). Active reloading (Gear of War) or opportunistic reloading (think of the way you use crossbows in Dark Souls PVP) are interesting tools, too... and there are many other ways to do it.
Tracing out all the ways mechanics hook up with the rest of a system and using interconnected system to bring a creative vision to life is the real meat of game design. It's great fun. But that means the answer for most things is almost always "it depends on the rest of the system".
Well, that's in theory, though. Everything is beautiful and logical on paper. But as soon as you get the controller into player hands, you'll find out whether it really works or not. And when things have to be reworked, that means you lose time and money, and that release schedule is getting closer so come features will have to be cut... so you better have built your system so it degrades gracefully! In a clean, modular way so it can be built by a team on the other side of the planet!! Without breaking!!! But that's another story...

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To be fair, NanoFate is still going strong! They're as gay as ever in Vivio's anime! I'm pretty sure they even live together~~

They sleep together in the same bed, don't they?
What a cute couple. =w=

So since I started my drawing practice Danpai, I have noticed that I hated drawing with pencil. But I love inkpens. It just glides on the paper and it just feels better. Granted I still draw like autism with hands, but I don't know... Pen > Pencil

That's great, anon! If you find a tool you enjoy using, it can make all the difference. One of the main reasons I bought this Cintiq is that it made drawing FUN again. =w=
Cakeluck and enjoy the pen, anon!
Btw, I really enjoy the Pigma brush pens... give 'em a try -- you might like 'em!


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