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Would you sign up to be a member of a sub-light speed colonization space ship, set to colonize a planet with your descendants many generations later?

Not sure. Is there anime in space?
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LIGO just detected gravity waves, confirming more of einstein's theories, and likely ushering in a new age of astronomy and physics. What did you do this morning?

Same thing I do every morning: eat a donut, draw a cakebutt, make shitposts on my chirpee, then go off to make video games. : T
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"They put a Nazi on the moon...?" (beat) "Fuck you, moon." -WILLIAM "B.J." BLAZKOWICZ | have you played the newest Wolfystein game, sempai? It's probably the most fun I've had with a shooter in a long time!

I don't really like FPS games...
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Aren't we sort of on our way to that third one? TPP and all. Well, if it makes it through Congress. Congress is where trade agreements go to die.

Maybe. We'll all be jacked into VR waifu simulators in a few months so we'll never know when it comes.

What is your favorite and least favorite historical setting? (I.e. Western, pirates, colonial, romans, etc.)

An alternate history where BadGuyX won.
Nazi moon empire, soviet earth, unreformed cyberpunk murrican super corporate megastates, global british empire, etc.
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How's a cutest supposed to compete? || Why not get her to post butt selfies too?

How's a cutest supposed to compete? || I meant bewb selfies, oops
That is for her twitch subs and patrons only!!
pls b a respect and do a i liek it and a sub on 2 it okay thx

Are you afraid of balding?

Hmm, haven't lost a lot of hair yet, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
Maybe I should try and find a nice 3DPD before then...
sigh... I really don't want to though... they're so much work...
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I haven't been following your Twitter for a little while, so I decided to check your website for all the updates I must have missed. Where are the updates, Dan?

Eaten by Ubisoft.
Really not sure what I'm going to do. Quit again, maybe?

Hey Dan, Sakura here. Cupcake and Pancake aren't yours. They are actually Chad. I just used you for money. I love Chad.

My super a cutest doesn't type like that. She finishes her sentences with hearts and always throws me a "muu~". Nice try, anon!
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What do I do? | 2 options. 1 - If it happened out of nowhere… you simply have to go back to ¨the basics¨. That is to say, find your source of inspiration. What drives you to be creative? What was the spark that sets your creativity ablaze? Find that and you will find yourself.

OtakuSama’s Profile PhotoOtaku-Sama
2 If it was after some kind of problem. You may still have unresolved issues, and that is what is blocking your creativity and joy. You have to find the root of the problem and solve it, or come into terms with it and stop it from eating you inside out. Endure, learn and persevere. Then go back to 1
Posted for burnt-out anon.
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So wait a second. Is the anon talking about being impotent? Being creative in bed not good enough for waifu anymore?

>not being able to get it up for your waifu
That really is a reason to pack it up and move on.
Why even live?
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>If other anons reading this have ideas, please reply. | I write until it hurts, until it's absolute garbage! Then, I take a break, think 'I can't end on that trash,' and go at it again! FUEL YOURSELF WITH YOUR HATRED, ANON

Posting for burnt-out anon.

Dan, it's happened to me. I don't like doing the creative things I do anymore. Not even lifting heavy helps. My waifu is there and she's supportive, but...when I try it just comes up flat. Nothing works. What do I do?

Damn. I have no idea, anon.
I guess the only thing to do is take a break and see if the passion comes back.... or find other hobbies and move on with your life.
If other anons reading this have ideas, please reply.


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