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2/2 there was some light bulling going on, but one smallhorn got hurt and that got the musclehorns agitated! to stop an all in brawl I had to put them all into punishment position to clam them down. @muscle_Horn I'm sorry about that, but it was for your own good.

Be good, Massalhorn!!
22 there was some light bulling going on but one smallhorn got hurt and that got

Defectivehorn Apostle here again. Sorry if my last report to you seems like it got cut off at the end. I had to deal with a problem between my defective herd and the damaged herd that is staying with me. The smallhorns of each herd got into it and made a mess. 1/2


5/? Only a few of the oldest hornmothers knew where this moss came from and they said it came from the old witch caves from their old world! I wonder what other plant life the herds have brought over with them to my world.

I wonder, too!
Normally haremhorns take some food when during the herd budding process... if any of the foods had seeds, those seeds might be spread along the way...

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4/? When ever a new herd is sent off, they are nearly all ways given a patch of this moss to take with them. The new herd plants this moss where they will live at and lets it grow. They can sleep and walk on it with out too much harm to it, but they still prefer to sleep on grass and nests.

Oh! These are the mosses are also used to line the bottom of baskets used to transport smallhorns. It's comfy, keeps them dry, and feels nice on their tiny smallhorn feet and bottoms. Normally this moss grows in the nursery... to think that this moss would even make it to our world...!!
4 When ever a new herd is sent off they are nearly all ways given a patch of

3/? That isn't the case in many of the herd caves and dwellings. They are covered in a type of moss that I never seen before. it covers the floors, walls and roofs of their underground homes. it leaves them dryer, cleaner and more comfortable all around to live in.


2/? If you have been in any natural caves or unused shaft mines, you would quickly notice they are wet and often have pools of water every where, mud everywhere there isn't water but not enough for Musclehorns to romp in, and rather chilly temps

Horns are actually not a big fan of these temperatures... if only they could live in their comfy herdtrees again...

Defectivehorn keeper here. I've just returned from a tour of a number of wild herd dwellings to see how they are doing. I think I had found another secret the Herds have brought with them from the Witch caves. 1/?

Update from defective horn keeper!

Zounose has 2 doujins that deal with Sakuya's mortality if that is to your taste~ https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/vintage https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/happy_birthday_remilia

;www; Thanks for this!
Sakuya, you are too good for this world... !!! ;__;
+1 answer in: “What touhou doujin do you read, if any? After reading Hungery Tiger I've been really enamoured with Zounose. Previously my favorites came from Plastic Protein.”

Do himehorns know how to make wine or any other alcoholic concoctions?

Yes, the himehorns have their own brand of alcohol. The process isn't recorded in any herd record, so the haremhorns must be passing along the knowledge somehow...
The haremhorns are careful to control how much hornmothers drink, though, as it can lead to bad behaviour and defective eggs.

4/? they would explain I had seen a herd with much darker skin tone than they normally would have. They have been chewing on the coal in a bout of hunger one time and found out they become much more toxin resistance soon after ward.

hm! A new kind of horn!
4 they would explain I had seen a herd with much darker skin tone than they

3/? So herd and human interactions looks like they will occur no matter what at this point. I can only hope to mediate them so no real harm comes to anyone. Also, I found out one herd had taken up residence in an abandoned coal mine.

That's going to be tough for their lungs. I hope their smallhorns are alright... ;ww;

2/? The herds can live away from humans, but I fear their drive for cakes will draw them close to humans and the cities. That and the musclehorns want meat all the same and them eating the greens will not sit well with them. lately @muscle_Horn has grown fond of bacon too.

oh no

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I did say the herds can live on kudzu and potatoes alone, but once the horns (more so the hornmothers) try cakes, they will never forget the taste and want them. I may have accidentally spoiled nearly all of them when they arrived for the great meeting. 1/?

>defective hornmothers crying for cake
>defective horns making a long pilgrimage just for cake
>no more cake
Defectivehorn Apostle here I did say the herds can live on kudzu and potatoes

4/4 I had asked the horns what they know about herbal medicinal use and not surprising they do have a wide selection of herbs to use for aliment, illnesses and injuries. Although a number of them are useless or harmful to humans.

Hmm, I see - so they don't need to go near humans. It would be best if they kept their numbers hidden as best they can...

3/? The older herds found out they can eat and kinda like Kudzuu plants. To humans, kudzuu is a weed and pest. To the herd, they can survive on them for a long time. Musclehorns also like to eat ginseng as well as meat. But ginseng is hard to find.


2/? Not surprising. The herds still like to nest and lay eggs on grass, but they just don't value it like they do in the caves. Oh, I did find out why the herds are growing at such rapid rates in these recent years with out being too obvious to humans.



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