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What would you be doing if you weren't an artist?

If I dropped comics right now, I'd probably switch over to designing video games. I love 'em both, I just love comics more.

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Does that mean you keep on top of your questions, or you just left it so that that one would be last for comedy?

I keep on top of 'em!

You can talk shit about my preferred girl from magical girl anime, you can talk shit about my preferred hair style, you can talk shit about my goddamn preferred girl you yourself create but by GOD YOU WILL NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT MINDBREAK, GOD'S GIFT TO THE WORLD

You can talk shit about my preferred girl from magical girl anime you can talk

mindbreak goat fetish, debate me nerd

Mindbreak and NTR go together like peanut butter and jelly by which I mean stay jelly
NTR master race 4lyfe

Wait. How can you have one pancake daughter and one cupcake daughter? Does that mean you cheated on your wife?

Huh? I saw her come right out of the oven.
She must have cheated on m...
.... .... oh.
Ha ha ha. G-good one, anon! Th-that's a funny one.

A single pancake? What kind of breakfast is that? Were all the others already eaten and you're just too sad to admit it?

A pancake is a life-long commitment, anon. Don't play around with a caek's heart.

Everyone knows pancakes need some sugar to be at their best! Allow me to carefully sprinkle some on... FOR SCIENCE!

She's already a sweetest and a pannest caek =3=

Why do you keep on building family members to Cupcake and not the completely superior Darkcake? Get some taste, pleb.

Darkcake is an abandoned, illegitimate child. She has no family.

So Pancake is a more perfect version of Cupcake then? When do we get to see her slathered with butter?

Never. She's getting homeschooled and then sent to an all-girl magical girl academy filled with sharp-eyed himecut seniors and twintail rivals.

Is Pancake Cupcake's sister or is she the result of a little accident between Cupcake and one of her bakers?

Cupcake's younger, flatter, unfrosted and more breakfasty sister. I want her to stop hanging around with those sausages and jive-talking hash browns.

Dan, if you keep this up, even Pancake will end up like her onee-chan. Maybe even worse. Pancake will be buttered and honeyed by many faceless men. Why aren't you doing better?

Looks like I have no choice. Time to creep on this crepe and butter this batter.


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