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If you had all your basics covered forever, what would you do with a shitmegaton of money?

-Draw comics all day
-Hire a meido-chan to clean out my apartment on the regular
-Have game studio on the side
-Support weird art/game projects
-Spoil imouto, but not too much
-Send mom on the trip to China she always wanted to go on
-Go to Japan and do the akiba thing
-Vampire Bride and himehorn anime
-Puella Pantsuit anime
Good times

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Well, technically, America puts so much sugar in its bread that other countries comment that it's like eating cake.

I don't mind. I've had bread from the Chinese bakeries around here and it's just... so plain. : T
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When will the ponytailhorn uprising occur, sempai? VIVA LA REVOLUCION

Never. Ponytails are for templar onee-chans who work hard every day.
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Bullying and impregnation at the same time sounds like rape. Please keep your bullying and impregnation of elves seperate, they're not all Kalar(alicesoft). If I didn't know better I might think the horned ones were just mutated elves..

What if I just switch back and forth very rapidly?
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*gives headpats to cupcake, darkcake and pancake*

I'm sure that'd make Pancake happy.
Darkcake pretend to ignore it but be secretly happy while Cupcake would be disgusted and demand a respect.
gives headpats to cupcake darkcake and pancake


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