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Brunette, bob-cut NSA-chan sweating in her cubicle because she suddenly wants to seduce and then cuck her 5'4 co-worker Rob. She asks herself, "Is this what he means by a 'Sakura?'"

qt NSA-chan
why this
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>MFW imagining some poor suits at the NSA forced to read all our bullshit. One day the news will report a madman was killed by police after opening fire screaming "UR WAIFU A SHIT! A SHIT!".

Breaking news: hostage situation at Pentagon, gunman demands rarest of pepes, qt waifus, and no bully

Have you ever played Sexy Parodius?

Nope, but I remember reading a preview in Gameplayers Magazine back in the 90s. I thought it looked cute and fun.

Dankest Im, why hasn't the "VIDEO GAMES SHOULD BE ART, THEY CAN BE ART, OH GOD I WANT MY WEST COAST BAY AREA FILM/MUSIC/ART SNOB PEERS TO ACCEPT ME ALREADY" movement ended yet? It's been several years now.

The impulse that drives someone to act like a hypersensitive self-centered priggish status-seeking attention whore is the same impulse that causes moral sentiments to clump up together, generally. Because there's always some natural variation in this impulse and some variety in the environments where this impulse can be expressed, stable moral communities simply come hand in hand with a variety of palette-swapped inquisitors, priests, and pearl-clutching church-moms. If you want one, you gotta accept the other as a trade-off. All we can do is try to manage the worst effects without squeezing so tightly we lose what we wanted to preserve in the first place.
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What will you do when Pancake grows up with DDs?

That will never happen. She's definitely like her onee-chan -- she's an eternal member of the flatty flat club.
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Have you ever been to a comic convention/webcomic convention? Do you plan on going to anyway? I want to shake the hand of my favorite chuuni artist.

I went to Otakon back in 2006 and 2007, Gencon Indy a couple times, and Connecticon ... oh, and TCAF. I haven't done any cons in a long time, though. Maybe after I finish Vampire Bride? I dunno. Cons are a lot of work and I have travelling... I always feel so tired...
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Dan, I hope there's somebody at the NSA who has to understand this whole askfm because you're on a list somewhere. I hope he or she is slowly growing less and less normie as we all talk about frosting and bullying.

Countdown to some NSA agent blowing the whistle on a ppl that dnt do on a respect on a caek ok u shud do it!! its a nashen alls forsureity
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So, with the Tesla suit and games like Custom Maid, Anons will one day be able to fuck all of your Daughterus whenever they want. How does this make you feel?

I'll have to fuck their cake doughters in return! For revenge!!
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Maybe it's just a new Raisin fan! ||| I would be flattered xD but my story has nothing to do with Raisin ... and it wasn't one of my followers either. >,> I may be overthinking it, but its too suspicious.

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Oh, hmm... well, maybe it's just a new fan! It's happening! =3=
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