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yeah but if there HAS to be panties

White with a little ribbon in front, maybe a cute cake or strawberry print on the back.
... C-cupcake? My A Cutest?! Why are you looking at me like that?!

Is there ever a chance of Penny Tribute or Kanami coming back? ;w;

Penny Tribute is On the Subject of Witches!
Kanami is dead as a doornail. Sorry. Some of the various themes and interests may reappear (I want to do more works set in rural areas), but the project itself is unlikely to continue.

On the vidya collectors edition subject; did you pick up the Demon's Souls collectors edition? Probably the most rewarding CE purchase in my opinion.

I didn't! I only got Demon's after playing Dark Souls 1 (I got the Black Armor Edition). Regret.
I think the best CE I have is the Bravely Default box.

Speaking in general, what kind of character goods do you like to buy? Figures? Prints? Artbooks? Pins/buttons? Stickers/decals? Commissioned sketches of your favorite character being buggered by tentacles?

Not a real big fan of anything except vidya collector editions. I enjoy peeling off the sticker, removing the plastic, reading the manual (I miss nice, full-colour manuals with fun extras...), inspecting the disc/cartridge art, checking out the music CD and lyrics, then finally putting in the game and letting the opening movie run. I take my time getting into the game and savour every little bit of it. Then I avoid all walkthroughs and spoilers and play the way I want (not min/maxing, just "playing it"). Just like life, you only get to do your first playthrough once! So I do it the way I want!

Cupcake's backside needs maximum attention, That includes shoulder blades and neck. => The shoulder blade fetishists among us appreciate your position on this issue. Are you one of us as well? :3

Absolutely.That delicious ridge.
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If you like capes so much, why doesn't Cupcake have one? Maybe a short one, so you can see the goods, of course...

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Cupcake's backside needs maximum attention, That includes shoulder blades and neck.
Liked by: Gustavo Alvarenga

Has anyone asked who wins in a fight between Vikky and Sayaka (either PMMM or MGNQ) yet?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Yup. Vicky would be totally crushed. It's not clear that a Templar has the means to fight a truly magical being that can fly around, feels no pain, has random magic hacks, can summon a witch form, has divine protection from the embodiment of hope, etc.
If it was a straight-up flat-footed sword and fist battle, though, Vicky could probably give Sayaka a run for her money... but only through desperation and brutality.


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