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... Sempai, could you tell that anon that chickens don't say 'CAAAWK'? They go 'buk-buk-buk' when they're just chillin', and 'bu-GAAAAWK' when you startle them.

Chicken facts.

I'm trying to get better at making more "finished" drawings/art, but all that I can really do it just roughly sketch and then draw over using gesture drawing. What techniques should I try to learn? Blocking in colours and erase/shape for negative space? etc.

Hrrm... honestly, I'm not sure what kind of advice to give here.
I guess the default answer is "grab Loomis":
Maybe I'll make a process video for the next colour top-pic.

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How intelligent are himehorns? Musclehorns don't seem to be too capable of autonomous thought, but what about haremhorns and motherhorns?

Human intelligence, but their dispositions make a huge difference.
The musclehorns aren't dumb -- after all, they need to be able to follow haremhorn and hornmother orders -- but they're quite passive and get much more enjoyment out of physical work, wrestling, and killing than say, sitting down quietly and making a comb.
The low-ranking haremhorns are probably the most clever -- well, in human terms, anyway. They display some creativity in their carvings, food preparations, sewing, etc. and maintain and clean up the herd records... but again, there's no himehorn literature, science, math, or anything like that. They get the most pleasure out of serving the hornmothers, bossing the musclehorns around, and caring after the smallhorns. Their creative activities are directed towards those ends.
The hornmothers are clever and do a lot of talking and playing, but can be a bit childish because they're so pampered. They're happy with a life of indolent pleasure and egg-laying and don't like being troubled with problems. The exception is the herd leader, who has to think about the herd's future -- no one really wants that job though... ... it's a real pain...

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Anon is sitting confortably with his hornmother waifu, they are enjoying their own company while their first daughters play around. The 'horn looks deep within his eyes, how can a no-horn be so lovingly caring with her? She is sad she cannot bear his child, but says it's fine, she's perfect (1/2)

He cannot believe his luck, he managed to get a refused 'horn to warm up to him and let him take care of her young. He hugs her - but not too hard - and whispers how much he loves her. She reciprocates the hug and says CAAAWK. Anon married a chicken after being turned down by real females.
;~; why this

Where do the flecks of gold in the albino himehorn's eyes come from? Is their blood gold colored?

Just natural variation (and style points). Their blood is red.

Is there a market for the Himehorn record books from expired herds? Do other Himehorn herds or nohorns collect them at all?

Not really. They might use the books as offerings, but that's about it.
If a herd moved into a space previously occupied by another herd and found some records, well... it's really not clear what they would do. Some hornmothers might have the records cleared out - others might the herdless records are spooky and make a new storage room - others still might use the records as a resource. Some might even burn the records and send them to the next world.
If you just gave a record to a hornmother, she'd probably be very confused. It's a record book, but it's pretty clear it's not her own herd. Why would she want this?
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How many cakes does it take for a Himehorn to tolerate a nohorn?

She'll tolerate you as long as she's able to stuff cakes in her mouth!
But please be careful -- a hornmother has a tendency to overeat, so she'll get quite sick if you provide her with endless cakes. Instead, try giving her a small piece of taffy that takes a long time to chew -- as long as she's busy chewing she won't run (please ignore the stink-eye she gives you while chewing. She's on to your game, even if she can't stop herself).

Ah, they have clawed feet, huh... Yeah, they're pretty much harpies. Beaked himehorns when? Flying himehorns when? We must go full monstergirl!

Just pointy nails -- useful for climbing up hills, trees, etc. Living underground actually isn't great for their feet, but they just gotta deal with it.
Anyway, please stop grouping in himehorns with ugly nohorn harpies. Nohorns fly home!!

Isn't the himehorn name more like a nickname? Do they have an actual species name?

The Templar call them "The Horned-ones", the himehorns just call themselves "the herd".
It's not a great name, since there are other species with horns, but there it is.

What teachings do Himehorn parables espouse? Do these fables differ for each type of Himehorn?

Himehorns don't really have parables or fables. You could call their herd records "stories" if you like, but they don't really contain lessons or teachings -- was the state of the herd, descriptions of newly built rooms and developed lands, notable events, how certain problems were solved, and to-do notes for future hornmothers, recipes, sewing and crafting techniques.... -- those are the sorts of things you'll find in the himehorn herd records. There's not really such a thing as himehorn "literature" or folktales.
On the other hand, the himehorns do love their door carvings. These are usually images of the herd surviving a time of struggle -- clearing out scary surface beasts, beating out another herd for territory, etc. The carvings don't really contain teachings, but they could be called inspirational or comforting.

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How much of these himehorn answers do you have planned out in advance and how much do you just make up when someone asks you? It's got pretty in-depth!

Well, I have a pretty clear picture of himehorn life. It's not like I have their food preferences written down anywhere, but the image is very clear and if I look into it, there they are: haremhorns eating finger-foods out of small, intricately patterned bowls while feeding their smallhorns... a whole bunch of them feeding together in an intimate wooden room filled with piles of soft dried grasses and warm eggs... a hornmother sleeping on her side, drooling and snoring with a look of total indolence on her face as a team of flat-chested haremhorns clean up around her and begin manicuring her in her sleep (the motherhorn makes a slightly troubled look and lets out a little "guu" sound when they start with the emery board...)
I gotta finish these commissions so I can get back to the comics...

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Why did u name ur site clonemanga?

This question again!
Around 2001 or so I was writing Cardcaptor Sakura stories with Sakura and Tomoyo clones. An entire army of Sakura and Tomoyo clones! That's where the name Clone Army came from. Clone Manga was a branch of that original site.
Tomoyo42's Room was named after Tomoyo clone #42-- one of the botched ones, obviously.

What is himehorn cuisine generally like? Spicy? Greasy? Bland? Would taste weird to nohorns?

Tastes vary from herd to herd and depends the hornmothers' preferences, but there are a few general tendencies:
- very thick sweet and savoury sauces
- most main dishes are simply prepared meats with roughly chopped vegetables
- side dishes are often very intricately prepared (small vegetable carvings with almost every meal, usually shaped like an animal, patterns created with sauces, etc.)
- innards are common
- grains are rare
- thick vegetable-based soups served in small portions are common
- group meals are fairly regular (whole-animal roasts, giant shared platters, etc.)
- nuts, seeds, and sweet things are favoured snacks
Nohorns might find the food a bit rustic, except for the side-dishes which are almost too pretty to eat.

Hey Dan. I've been totally off the twitter map for, like, a month or two so I've missed all your updates and answers and everything. Could you help summarise any Key World Information you put in here (or anywhere else or anything important at all) for me? I'd really appreciate it :3

It will all be in the Vampire Bride companion book!
But here's a summary:
- Himehorns are fun and easy to bully
- Bully the himehorns
- Never stop bullying them
- Nohorns go home!
Hey Dan Ive been totally off the twitter map for like a month or two so Ive
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What sort of things do himehorns eat and drink? Can nohorns consume himehorn food & drink and vice versa?

Himehorns are omnivores.
Musclehorns are fine with anything, even nuts and seeds or nothing at all in lean times, but they love love LOVE raw meat. It's really not good if they overindulge, though -- they can become overexcited and enter a feeding/killing frenzy if a haremhorn isn't around to manage their food intake.
Haremhorns have little snacks all day and balance their diet for work (low ranking haremhorns) or healthy milk production (high ranking haremhorns). Haremhorns higher in the pecking order always have their snacks prepared my lower-ranking haremhorns, as they're too busy feeding the smallhorns to do much else.
Hornmothers always get the best food and eat 3-5 meals a day, depending on the particular hornmother's needs and preferences. They are also the only himehorns to have sit-down-and-eat meals. The low ranking haremhorns take great care to prepare beautiful, tasty, nutritious, and comforting meals for their hornmothers -- it's a real point of pride and a great honour to be put in charge of cooking!

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"...(witch-apostles have no scent at all)." O.O <--- reflection in my monitor looked like this. Oh...wow...okay… ...but nohorns have a scent. So I ask this, is the nohorn scent the nohorn bodies or what's in the cosmetics they put on their bodies (antiperspirant, hand lotion, lip-balm, etc...)? O

The nohorns have their own distinct body-smell. It's their sweat, oil, secretions, food, perfume, etc. The himehorns really don't like it.
The witch-apostles often take on the form of a nohorn, but their bodies don't seem to be flesh and blood. They have no smell, they don't sweat or bleed, their skin and hair are unnervingly flawless, and they do not eat or drink (though they seem to enjoy feasts where others do).

How about the himehorn reaction to a albino nohorn?

Oh yeah, strayed off topic there.
Well, they'd be scared, obviously. It's a nohorn after all. They'd think it's extra spooky since the nohorn is white as snow. Maybe they might think it's a witch-apostle? The apostles can have otherworldly appearances... but then again, the smell would probably give it away (witch-apostles have no scent at all).

How would a himehorn herd react to a albino hohorn walking into their chamber? Have they ever seen that before?

They'd be really shocked. There's no record of an albino himehorn anywhere in their herd records.
Then again, any haremhorn worth her comb would immediately throw out an albino smallhorn as soon as she hatched, so there's no way it'd make its way into the records in the first place...
... Maybe there's a little white-haired, white-horned himehorn out there somewhere...?

If a nohorns carried a smallhorn back into the cave would the motherhorns or haremhorns reject the smallhorn?

They'll take her back as long as she's healthy and normal. She might smell a bit like a nohorn so they'll probably scrub her down as soon as they get her back.
If the smallhorn you find is a disfigured haremhorn or musclehorn (missing a limb, broken horn, weak, blind, etc.) don't bring it back to the herd. They left it out there to die
If it's an injured small hornmother, something is very, very wrong. Nohorn bullying is a possibility. Or maybe the small hornmother's herd has lost its territory to a stronger herd.
Take the injured small hornmother and do as you wish. There's no herd to take her back to.


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