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To get everything in the event, you need 170 pumpkins, 830 bats, 2200 candles and 6850 cakes in order to fully ascend. Keep in mind that only 1-5 of one might drop from each enemy, and often you only get one drop per run. How does THAT make you feel?

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Hungry for cake.
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Okay what if I wanna become a servant under one of Enna daughters?

Wait for her to establish a domain, dwell within it, obey her edicts, give lots of good offerings, and then get her attention somehow. It's not really clear what a witch uses for criteria, though...
Okay what if I wanna become a servant under one of Enna daughters
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Fate/Grand Order halloween event Caster Elizabeth Bathory requires 10 pumpkins, 50 bats, 100 candles and 500 cakes in order to fully ascend. How does this make you feel?

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That's a lot of cakes.
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What kind of boon would I have to give to have one of Enna's daughters married to me?

You give offerings and get boons, anon!
Anyway, her daughters are too busy getting ready to take over the domain and/or move on to their own. Your best bet is offering a lot of old games and library tags during new years... if you wish hard enough maybe you'll get a spooky daughter dakimakura (bird on one side, Kukuku~ on the other)
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How do witches feel about other witches?

Vicky kinda wonders about this sometimes. Enna knows about the White Witch and even seems to be able to influence the manifestations of her power (she mends her Life Scarf, after all) but at the same time, Enna seems totally uninterested in the existence of the White Witch herself. The only thing she seems to be interested in is bring grumpy and chewing her out...
The same with the daughters. All they seem to be interested in is finding old games in the hidden shop and being creepy.
Well. How knows what's going in a witch's head anyway? Life's short. There's no sense spending too much time worrying about stuff like that.
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Hey dan I am going to release my webcomic in 11 days well begin to release ... I am excited to begin to share my hard works but in same times I am scare.... like what's I would do if people just not likes my works and begin to bash it..? I ask you that because...you are Comic-Sempai o3o!

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It's okay if people don't like it. The important thing is that you put down what you thought was worth putting down and you came out of the process with more tools in your pocket.

Hypothetical question: You just woke up from a coma and everything is normal. However, a psychologist wants you to explain what this "Japan" you keep mentioning was. Keep in mind your answer could land you in the loony-bin. How do you proceed?

I keep my mouth shut and wait for a mysterious girl to fall out of the sky and my alternate universe childhood friend to come through a wormhole a week later. There will probably be a giant space robot, something about the true nature of the Manhattan project, and the ruins of Japan on the moon at some point.
I know how these things go.

Oh. So now you're too good to critique my work of art now, huh??

I got nothing to say, anon!! Nothing beyond the obvious that anyone else would tell you! ;~~;

Maybe if Sakura really loves you, she will want you to find a real girl. A girl to fall in love with and have a real cutest. A cutest that you will love no matter what. I think that is what she will want for you Dan. It's time to stop updating and start dating

>stop updating and start dating
>stop updating
Maybe if Sakura really loves you she will want you to find a real girl A girl to
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Would you take payment to critique my webcomic?

No, I don't enjoy doing that anymore. I've become a quietist on matters of art.
All I'll say is this: find out what's really -- and I mean REALLY important to you. Dig down and keep digging. And let the process of digging be shown on the page. Let the process of putting it down on the page be part of your digging.
Here's Louis CK talking about George Carlin's process, which is pretty much the heart of all comedy writing:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R37zkizucPU#t=4m33sCloneManga’s Video 132701271410 R37zkizucPUCloneManga’s Video 132701271410 R37zkizucPU
But of course, that's just one man's approach. You should feel free to find your own goal and your own way. We're all fellow travelers, but we don't have to head in the same direction.
Best of luck, anon.
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