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To the anon that doesn't follow Leedah and is annoyed by how Dan likes 95% of Leedah's answers: Go to Leedah's ask, and just under the follow button is the block button.

There you go! =3=

=w= What do you think of the teachers so far? P.E. teacher...and I think the teacher of Raisin left a ¨sweet impresion¨... =v= I tried referencing some characters with those two, but I dunno if it worked... or if I should just do it in name only... their personalities are clear just to you after all

You don't have to shoehorn references. =w=
I'm happy just following the story. : >

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Do you want to live in Canada for the rest of your life?

No real preference -- I stay inside most of the time and I have no close relations, so it doesn't really matter where I live. That said, this is what I'm used to, and adapting to a new culture/language would be pretty bothersome. Unless there a strong reason to move, I'll probably stay put.

Hey, Dan. Do you happen to have a character profile for your characters somewhere? Like https://charahub.com or something.

I'll probably add character profiles to the Vampire Bride wiki at some point, though:

Hey, Dan. Do you want to name the school for the little Raisin?... and the country if you want. = v =

Hmm.. St. Victoria highschool?
I'll leave the name of the country up to you. =w=

Maybe I will add more things like that... you have a lot of characters. = w = ... and who knows, with a little modifications, some might be able to participate as recurring characters. = v =

I'll look forward to it! =w=

STOP! Story time = 3 = *~♪* ... what do you think of the new setting? = w =

I'm excited! Once I'm feeling better I'll probably draw some Leedah in a modified school uniform... =3=
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Maybe... =3= ||| Game or comic... at least tell me that, so I can sleep tonight. @_@

You'll have to wait and see, anon! Sorry!=3=
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Was not implying anything about high status work whatsoever, you do what you enjoy and that's cool, but that's hardly have to do anything with how shitty life can get and how to deal with this, regardless of how you living your life now.

Well, of course, life can become incredibly shitty due to things outside of your control. But you can't control what you can't control. You can only control what is within your control, and so anything you do has to be focused on that. So take control of what you can and try to shape your life as best you can. No guarantees, and life may still be shitty, but you'll have done everything you can and you can't ask for more than that.

Why was I not good enough to see bweh Dan. WHY?! WAS IT BECAUSE I SAID CUPCAKE IS A SHIT?! I WAS ONLY SAYING THE TRUTH! !

>: T
It's your fault for insulting my a cutest!!!
Anyway, if you're actually missing from the route, send me a pm or email me!

Not that guy but: "building your own future/make your life" says the guy who draw cartoon butts for living. No hatin on you Dan, but you are the last person to say this sort of thing, not to mention life is not that easy to fix it with "change your lifestyle" or any other motivational bullshit.

Hey man, if you think living the right life means getting a high status job and accumulating money, then good for you. But I had a good taste of that life and it wasn't for me. I had raises and promotions and money and a good education, but it all meant nothing. Toys and status? What for? I was miserable and life was devoid of all meaning and purpose. So what could I do? Take the "normal" path and buy a house I don't want, get a wife I can't love, and raise kids I resent? To work my ass off at a job I don't care about for 40 years and retire comfortably as an empty shell of a man? Or take control of my life, ditch the job, throw away the junk I don't need, and pursue the passion I've had since I was twelve years old?
Well, that's what I did. Now life is worth living. Every day I leap out of bed and run to my drawing tablet to get down to work. When I go to bed at night I can't wait to get up again and get back to it.
It is absolutely possible to build a life that you can look back and say "yeah, it was worth it". All it takes is some self-knowledge, knowing what's possible given your circumstances, some guts, and the ability to stop caring what other people think. It can mean sacrifices -- deep ones -- and you'll have to decide whether it's worth it. For me, it was. But it's YOUR life. You have to take control of it. At least, you have to try.

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How long does it take you on average to finish a commission?

Depends! Sometimes a couple hours, sometimes three days... and the time spent has no real relation to the final quality. That's just the way it is, unfortunately.

No matter what anyone says, things never get better. It's all seems like total bullshit to me, and I want things to be clear, because it's confusing when you trying to be positive, and reality hits you hard. What about you? do you believe in those positive lies?

Of course things don't just get better -- you have to make it better. It can take years before anything works, and there's no guarantees that it will. But you either fight the good fight and learn to take joy in the fighting, or you check out and complain. It's your life, you gotta decide. No one is going to do it for you.
And it's not about positivity. I don't give a shit about that. I don't care whether you feel good or feel happy. It's about doing what you think is important. It's about taking responsibility, exercising your authority over yourself, and becoming your own master. It's not about finding meaning or purpose "out there" somewhere, but building yourself and your future one piece at a time with your own two hands. Stop wandering in the dark and build a fire within you, now, that you can carry around forever. Stop whining and hoping for tomorrow to be better and make today the best it can be, right now. There's only now -- RIGHT NOW -- anon. There is no tomorrow. Action can only be exercised in the present. So you gotta DO IT NOW. That's not a positive, bullshit, lie. It's a grim truth: you have to do the work, only you can do it, and you're the one that's going to have to live with the consequences either way.

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"I hate the "oo~ boo hoo I'm feeling sad I need sum1 to b a niec 2me 4my feelings" type. Pick yourself up and do your fucking job! Work hard! Who cares if you're miserable? Sometimes you have to be miserable to get the job done! Do it! DO IT NOW! And never give up! God dammit!" sachi is best girl..

I didn't like any of them. : T

>Maybe if I pretend it's just a second butt it'll be alright.||Actually, Evolutionarily speaking, that is EXACTLY why men, in general, are attracted to big boobs. It looks like a second butt, and bigger butts/hips means better odds of surviving childbirth. You should embrace the oppai chestbutt Dan!

I'd rather have the original than some fake!
Gimmeh the phat and the flat!
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....Wait. You saw Sailor Moon first, but still fell for Sakura? What sort of hippie-commie-fascist-hipster-nazi caused you to SKIP like all ten Sailor Moon girls for best girl?!

It was just meant to be, anon. Only one waifu in my laifu!

Something terrible happens, and Cupcake is redesigned. You have two choices; Huge, slightly sagging bewbs or flat, boney butt with no hips. Which is the lesser of two evils?

Sigh. I'll take boobcake.
Maybe if I pretend it's just a second butt it'll be alright.
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