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>Are you... cucking DFC? | Now we know why Sakura always cucks you. It was all out of spite. IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT, DAN. (plus, she must have liked doing it in the end)

That's not canon, anon. My super a cutest was just on vacation with a friend. I believe in my super a cutest.

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What is your daily routine? (Offline and Online)

>get up
>check Vita next to pillow to get time
>sleep again for 15 mins
>get ready for work
>think about comics or games on the metro
>do game designer stuff for 2 hours
>do game designer stuff for 6 hours
>think about comics or games on the way home
>shitpost on twitter/draw/play piano/read
>watch some youtube stuff on my vita in bed

Which demi is best for gentle bullying? Vampire, Dullahan, Yuki-onna, or Succubus?

Succubus... vampire, dullahan, and yuki-onna are surprisingly boring...
Well, I still need to watch ep 2.
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But Godel and Wittgenstein were both more autistic than Russell, which is why he got BTFO. Analytic philosophy and other fedora-tier pursuits are entry-level autism.

What's high tier? Collecting insects?

What's the backstory and lore of the templar who was mercykilled(surelyprotocol) on page 8? What was her name? Can the vampire princess be a futa if she wants? Cracking open this story right here. Insert vagueness

She's one of sisters in Sigrid's unit. You'll find out more about Sigrid and current state of The City after the himehorn cave arc.
And no -- the vampire princess doesn't have shapeshifting powers... leave that to spooky witches.
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How does one deal with self-hatred?

Recognize it as a form of narcissism and turn your interests towards the external. Once you get excited about the world that lies outside yourself, you can start to work and achieve in areas you find important. After you start to do that, matters of self-hatred and self-love simply start to become irrelevant -- what will matter to you are those important, external matters. And oddly enough, as you work and dedicate yourself to those matters, self-regard and even happiness will simply descend upon you. We are animals, first and foremost, and we're wired to have positive feelings when we feel our status in the tribe goes up -- and status is (often, but not always) tied to usefulness to the tribe. Unfortunately, we're a long way from our caves and we have to make do with substitute activities (video games, art, shitposting on twitter, trying to be useful on ask.fm, etc. ) to elicit those same feelings.
Read Bertrand Russel's The Conquest of Happiness, anon. It's not long, it's written in plain language, really helped me out when I read it.
Of course, it could also be something physical -- in that case, medication or physical treatment may help. Try lifting and daily exercise. It's no joke -- again, we're animals / meat robots, and some amount of exercise, sunlight, enough food, the right amount of open space, etc. things start to malfunction.
Hope that helps, anon. Good luck!

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