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If you had to pick one childhood game world to inhabit, which would it be?

Maybe Skies of Arcadia?
... ... Actually, no vidya games in that world... hmm... scratch that.
Cute Sakura clones, space ships, powerful computers, incomprehensible plot - the perfect world for me.

Mai Waifu is an Unrepentant Mass Murder, but I Still Love Her Anyway?

;~; Well... at least you're not calling her "off-brand Sayaka" ...

What was the best movie of 2014?

Hm. Didn't really watch anything notable last year.
I should start going to Fantasia again. I had a blast the first year I went -- crowded theatres, enthusiastic audiences... but it's so hot in the summer and I have to wait in line alone... hrrm..

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Do you use physical media or prefer just digital? What tools (physical/digital) do you use the most?

I definitely prefer working digitally. I use a Cintiq Companion 1.
On paper, I use a plain ol' HB pencil.

How do you deal with someone that you don't like when everyone else likes them? And you can't really avoid said person?

No idea. I don't deal with social groups and I have no trouble dropping individual people. I just walk away.

Pick up the book nearest to you. The third sentence on the 21st page describes the result of your next project. What does it say?

Okay not the closest book since those are all comics, but the next shelf over:
"The key idea underlying the whole thing is that the sacrificer manipulates the altar and the victim, he becomes identified with them not as things, but with the essences behind them, their invisible connection to the world of the gods and spirit, to the very insides of nature."

Name the comfiest, most healing manga you've read.

Manga? Hard to say.
Comfiest anime I've seen in a long time is Non Non Biyori.-- really looking forward to season 2.
Liked by: Chris Charabaruk

What kind of vibrator does 27 year old Sakura use to stave of the crushing loneliness, jealousy and frustration that grips her bitter soul?

Hitachi magic wand, of course. The preferred magic wand of all magical christmas cakes.

Those sakura comics were kinda uplifting, I will fight one day at a time , dan-Sendai banzaiii

O-okay! Fight-o!

Are most of your response images drawn just for that particular response? Or do you have a stash of images ready to go?

Are most of your response images drawn just for that particular response Or do

If both the vampires and the templars died off somehow, what would the himehorns do?

Then they would eat and drink and smoke and comb each other in peace. If the weather ever improves maybe they'll even try their luck back on the surface! The world is their oyster!

S-sempai... I won at butts...?! What does it mean?

It means Cupcake loves u 5evar.
T-take care of my a cutest okay ;~;

YNNA's daughters remind me suspiciously of ALGS' dead crow familiar from On The Subject of Witches. Are these crow servants common among Witches? (Also your cryptic writing is nearly as inpenetrable as Kirkbride's 36 Sermons.)

The witches all have servants of one kind or another. You'll find out more later. =3=
I haven't played any Elder Scrolls games. ;w;


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