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Is it possile for a nohorn and a himehorn to exchange body fluids?

You could spit in her broken mouth and drink her tears.

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On a scale of ahegao(0) to hand-holding(10), how ABOMINATION is yuri between magical girls?

Templars may:
a) hold hands
b) hug
c) cape hug for the purposes of sharing warmth
d) fist bump
e) sleep in the same bed fully clothed (with socks) for sisterly bonding not more than twice a week
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>[vanilla] || The foul heretics! Is there any debauchery they will not stoop to? Or do they hold hands and cuddle beneath the sheets as well?

Gender rubbing of horns together under the blankets~ =3=

I've started trying to read Vampire Bride, finally. But I have absolutely no clue what's going on. There's a fight scene, a Templar squad leader gets killed, and then we're suddenly with Bikky and her vampire? Something about video games... what?

Things will start to firm up around the end of this chapter.
This chapter is sort of a "hub" chapter. You'll get to see Vicky and her bat on the way to Enna's domain and the templar at work, the deal with the vampires, a bit about the state of the world, and the stakes of the game. There will also be lots of himehorn facts. Things will branch out from there.
I'll probably add a straight-forward timeline and map to the reader's guide/print book -- "Vicky's Journey" or something.

Are musclehorns capable of being timid? Can they get flustered and embarrassed?

A little, but only the haremhorns are sensitive enough to their expressions to notice.
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All this himehorn confusion reminds me of that one guy who said the comic was unintelligible. Do you remember that guy, Dan?

That's okay - I make the comics I'd want to read. I have the accept the consequences of that as a package deal.
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Great. I wasn't into the idea of having someone excrete something onto my chest until I read that answer. The haremhorn shaming just adds to the erection. What have you done to me?

Welcome to a new world. A world of heretical and obscene pleasures.
[hair brushing]
[horn pulling]
[egg unbirthing]

Not to worry to much. Some of us actually got the fact that Musclehorns and Haremhorns were not the same. Hehehe. That said, the comic needs more Haremhorn butt. ;)

Haremhorn butts incoming. =w=
Not to worry to much Some of us actually got the fact that Musclehorns and

Do you remember Japan time, Dan? What I wouldn't give to look through some of those old threads.

Yeah. I remember Zero Hour, 4chan dying over and over, DESU DESU DESU, when duckroll was a thing, a time when GETS actually mattered, Snacks Is Back, man.
All those memories will be lost... like tears in the rain...
Wish I had saved more stuff to my thread screenshot folder.
At least I still have some of the old /jp/ drawfag threads archived:
Sigh. They're like photos from a country I can never return to.
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Don't listen to 4chan, here's what social justice is really about: since cute is justice, social justice is just about making society more cute, so we have to ganbatte our best to make society more genki.

Sir, your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Do you get the feeling the people asking about the horn girls secretly want them to lay an egg on their chests?

Just imagine her little bare feet on your chest. The tiny hornmother squatting with a slightly strained expression on her face, as if she's really focusing hard on something. You wait a minute. Maybe two. Then there's a little wet puckering sound and something warm and smooth on your chest. The hornmother gazes off into the distance with a happy, sleepy look on her face. The haremhorns come to collect the egg and the hornmother.
One of them gives you a dirty look and throws a hot, wet towel over you. Disgusting. Why are nohorns such perverts? Gross.

Dan, there were times where I couldn't understand what Moot was thinking, there where times where I just wanted to slap his face in for fucking up, but this time I'm sad I'm seeing him go away. His agreement thing was a complete clusterfuck and I got pretty mad, but this is too much. Bye, Mr. Poole.


Important question: Does Saya count as DFC or does her sexy true form disqualify her from this status?

Delusional Flat Chest

It sure seems like a lot of people have forgotten all the good shit that came about because moot made 4chan. Why do you suppose that is?

Beats me. I have this bank full of dank memes and I have m'ootykins to thank for it.
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