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But leave darkcake, cupcake, and pancake before going home! They look delicious for hornmothers!

I'll never abandon my a cutests...!!
Well, except for Darkcake, I guess. I can't bring her home. She's on her own.
I'm sorry, Darkcake... it just has to be this way...

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Does Snowhorn's nohorn husbando comb her hair for her? Does she comb his hair? Does it scratch an instinctual itch for her?

She loves getting her hair combed! For her, it's the best feeling ever. She also likes hugs and sitting in using her husbando's lap like a big chair. She never got haremhorn hugs or combs as a smallhorn but it scratches her himehorn itch, all the same.
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Herd size. Witch-apostles...got it covered. I think they make Soilent Himehorn in deep underground factories. Perhaps witches live on Soilent Himehorn food bars? Himehorns is foood!

Herd size Witchapostlesgot it covered I think they make Soilent Himehorn in deep

Why do the witches keep the himehorns around? In their current state they just seem to be a resource sink.

Why do the witches do anything for anyone? It seems that they have some kind of interest in the way things go in this world. They do seem to do things in exchange for offerings, but many suspect that it's kind of a formality more than a real trade...
.... As for the apostles, they seem to have some kind of independence from the witches themselves, though they purport to serve them. It may be that they their sentiments for the creatures of this world run deeper than their inexpressive faces let on...

Exactly. That's what I'm wondering. Has the herd Bikky is visiting just not hit critical mass yet or is egg production/hatching lower than maximum? Or has a witch-apostle shown up for this herd?

The witch apostle appears whenever she is needed!
And yes, this is a big and long-lived herd -- many hornmothers have left with the apostle over the generations.

With your stated ratio of himehorns (1 hornmother : 3 musclehorns : 10 haremhorms) given a critical mass of the herd, unless older himehorns are dying off in radical numbers, overpopulation would still be a problem. Are the haremhorns secretly smashing eggs or do most just not hatch?

When overpopulation occurs, a hornmother will inevitably get fed up with things and take some musclehorns and haremhorns and leave to start her own herd.
At least, that's how it used to work. Since they've been stuck underground the witch-apostle usually shows up and escorts the hornmother and her seed herd to a new cave.
If the witch-apostle never showed up... well... the herd would really be in trouble. There'd be a food shortage and lots of low ranking haremhorns and musclehorns would be left to starve.

Why is Darkcake so dark? You and Sakura are pretty light skinned...

Darkcake isn't Sakura's daughter... ...
Please don't ask any more questions, anon!

Himehorns are starting to sound like your ideal society. How do we know you aren't secretly a himehorn?

The herd would be very boring for a nohorn, anon! You'll be aching for your turbulent nohorn society in a week, tops. Conflict, distress, change, angst, stress -- though these are all unpleasant, they are essential for a nohorn. Without them, a nohorn gets depressed.
That's why you need to simulate conflict with sports/gameplay-based videogames/lifting, anon! We made a world where many of our evolved traits aren't needed, and their atrophy causes all kinds of side effects!
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Do himehorns have similar forms of physical intimacy to humans (eg hugging, hand holding, kissing) or are they pretty much limited to hair combing circles?

Every himehorn likes a combing, hug, or lap-pillow from a haremhorn... it reminds them of their time in the smallhorn nursery. It's a safe and comfy feeling.
Hornmothers that are close will sometimes eat or be groomed together... musclehorns wrestle and lift together...
That's about it! Kissing and hand holding aren't really things.

Pancake, do you wanna be like your big sister when you grow up?

Stop trying to contact my Pancake, anon! I'll call the police!

To Darkcake: what do you think of Cupcake? Is she really that bitchy in person or is that just an online thing?

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me with your question, but please don't speak ill of my dearest sister, Cupcake. She's very precious to me and I think a lot of people misunderstand her. I don't expect everyone else to feel the same way, but I love my sister very much. I cherish our relationship. If you have a sibling too, I'm sure you can understand how I feel.
Please have a cake day today,

If hornmothers produce one egg a day every day, wouldn't the herd become overpopulated rather quickly?

In the old days, hornmothers fed up with overcrowding would leave with some musclehorns and haremhorns and start her own herd.
These days, the witch-apostle comes by and escorts unhappy hornmothers through the underground to a safe cave somewhere deep underground. The herd that Bikky is visiting has never seen one of these herds (the underground is too dangerous to travel alone) but they trust the witch-apostle. She gives them candy and toys and doesn't have a nohorn smell so it's okay.
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From your descriptions about their instixt and lack of culture, Himehorns sound like they should be barely sapient animals. How did they evolve to a point where they sound like moe mor schoolgirls to outside nohorns? Much less hold a coherent conversation with a nohorn?

The major difference between himehorns and nohorns is that himehorns a) don't have strong pressures for internal competitive behaviour (i.e. no mating game) and b) have needs and desires that are capable of being satisfied. Their lack of culture has nothing to do with their sapience.
The ability to use language and get around in the world in creative ways has nothing to do with using excess time and labour to express the superiority of your genetic payload to your community. Nohorn males may make fancy pictures, songs, arguments, theories, empires, etc. to show that they have a higher horsepower brain than the next guy, and nohorn females with better brains will be able to better evaluate those externalizations and look into the future and see what traits will be most favourable for her offsprings' survival, but this is all just an oddity restricted to certain kinds of creatures that sexually select for better brains (whatever "better" means in the current and foreseeable environment).
Now, himehorns don't have sexual selection, but they do have a slight pressure to prefer bigger brains (the herd recognizes this trait in the leader and she alone produces new hornmothers) so they're able to select for intelligence without needing cultural productions.
As for why himehorns and nohorns are roughly the same intelligence, it turns out that for thermal, evolutionary, and computing reasons, all wet electric brains that are initially capable of limited future prediction and language use will, when put under selection pressure for better future prediction and language use, tend to converge to one of several theoretical hilltops on the intelligence landscape. Nohorns and himehorns both inhabit one of these hilltops. There are higher hilltops, but the evolutionary path to get there is totally different and totally unreachable from where humans and himehorns now stand. Unfortunately, nohorns and himehorns won't get any smarter, but at least nohorns can use their machines and culture to do more than their brains could do alone.

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Question for Cupcake : Do you think your mom or dad is cooler?

mom ok dont do on a aSK to me OK!!
ugh abarasing
i want a chococaek 4 diner pls maek it ok thx mom mu
frunm im ur cutest muu =3=
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