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Why do you like Dark souls 1 so much more than dark souls 2? I know why you dislike 2 but why is 1 so cake? Also what about demon's souls?

Dark Souls 1 had a great interconnected world, interesting enemy layouts with varied challenges, lore worth caring about, a consistent vision, interesting boss fights, NPCs with lots of personality... DS2 had none of those things. Just lots of corridors with waves of samey enemies and Yet Another Big Guy With a Sword bosses. No exploration, no mystery -- nothing even approaching The Painted World or Ash Lake. It felt like a fan game.
Now, if it weren't called Dark Souls 2 and it were just some game that happened to come out after Dark Souls, like Lords of the Fallen, I might be kinder. But the name matters to me-- I felt betrayed.

>But could you bring yourself to beat the final boss? Is Bwehstlevania the prequel to Vampire Bride? Is that how Bikky and Snax met?

>Wait, should it have been Castlebwehnia? Does that sound better?
Bwehware the bwehlmonts, bweh!

If Castlevania had a NEET vampire princess instead of Dracula, it would objectively be the better game.

I agree. But could you bring yourself to beat the final boss?
If Castlevania had a NEET vampire princess instead of Dracula it would
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It's not that we want future Dan Kim's drawing cartoon butts (lots of couples don't want kids), we just don't want your to miss out on something that might make you happy because you don't believe in it. It's the moe version of whatever complels people to prove their beliefs right on the interenet

Thanks, anon. I appreciate it. =3=

Dan, where's the version of "Me! Me! Me!" but with himehorns? "Hime! Hime! Hime!"

The clit-ring pull would be amazing... a warm little egg would pop out.

Question. Why are Himehorns' eyes black with white pupils? Are they hollows from Bleach?

It's because they are hornscum, anon -- monsters that don't belong in this world!
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Is Snax as... fuzzy... in her human form as her bat form? Or is is all smooth lower then the eyebrows?

Her human legs are smooth, but as for elsewhere... ... Well, only Bikky knows for sure.
Is Snax as fuzzy in her human form as her bat form Or is is all smooth lower

Let's just say that someone, through pure blind luck, asks you about one possible plot twist and it turns out to be the exact one that you've been planning to use on the comic. Would you still want to use it or do you scrap it?

The goal of writing isn't to show that you're clever or original -- the goal is to be true to the art.
So no -- I wouldn't change a thing. I'm not interested in jerking readers around and disrespecting them by engaging in those sorts of shenanigans.
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>I don't really have anything that I want to pass on. Not even your comics?

I'll just put the zip files on the site and hopefully people will save and share them. That's good enough for me.

I think the other anons want you to get married and have kids to ensure that there will be successor Dan Kims in the future.

Nah, nah. I don't really have anything that I want to pass on. Not genes or memes or anything else.

I have asked previously about what to do with all the Smallhorns in my kitchen. I followed your instructions and made a trail of cakes, but the Hornmothers followed the trail of cakes and now I have Hornmothers and Smallhorns loitering in my house. They have taken my scissors. Please help me.

Give up, anon. There's no getting them out now.
Just roll out some soft, dry grass and accept your fate.
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>She get it from her mom. | I don't remember seeing Sakura butt selfies everywhere... Did she send them just to you?

Y... Yes. She sent them to me.
That's the story and I'm sticking to it!

There's nothing wrong with being single, but you know perfectly well there are plenty of girls who share your love of drawing girls' butts all day. What if you were in a relationship with someone like that?

Impossible, anon. I could never provide this person with the attention, money, and tolerance for drama that they require. Also -- what about kids? I'd only end up resenting them for taking up my precious comic time. No one deserves a parent who is going to resent them just for existing. I am also a real hermit and a cold fish -- in real life I don't give much affection.
Anyway, the real problem is me. The things I really, really want are not compatible with married life or life with kids. So that's that -- gotta make my choice and live with it.
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>Now, if all the hatching and building and combing were automated ... you might start to get "culture" as the haremhorns tried desperately to fill those holes in their hearts with other things. || Jesus Dan, I came here for the waifus and the butts, not for the feels and social commentary ;_;

Please accept this gift of fuzzy bat waifu feet.
Now if all the hatching and building and combing were automated  you might start


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