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3/? Musclehorns in the wild herds act much like the ones in the caves, but at least they have a cute laugh when they are happy. @muscle_Horn for all her gloominess act, she is a very good musclehorn. I'll make sure she gets pampered a bit.

Laughing musclehorns?!
What do they sound like? "Ruu huuu huuu"?
Please give @muscle_Horn a pat for me, too.

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2/? The upper and lower class himehorns are generally staying in the many storage buildings and greenhouses I have around my home. The Musclehorns rest where they can, some are on patrol, most are having the time of their lives in the endless mud from the rains.

You may want to check your pantry. I bet there are more than a few hornmothers hiding (and snacking) in there...

Defectivehorn keeper here. My house is filled with Hornmothers. The herd meeting that the Great Leedah called is put on hold due to the massive rains that has been pouring in daily. Still the herd is behaving as well as one would expect. The hornmothers want to be near me for obvious reasons. 1/?

Those rains... could it be....?!
Defectivehorn keeper here My house is filled with Hornmothers The herd meeting

Your drawing reminded me that I watched Presage Flower(heavens feel part1) today and all of Sakuras "senpai"s were translated as "senpafl" for some reason and I don't know why. Best animation from Ufotable to date though- worth checking out if you care for Fatestuffs. Did you read that route in VN?

I've never read the VN, but I watched the original anime and Fate Zero. I'll watch Heaven's Feel!

4/4 The Great Leedah believes that one day the cave herds will move in mass to take over the wild herds lands. Things will be bloody then If I can't mitigate it some how. I have my work cut out for me.

I wonder if the entrance to the caves can be sealed somehow? It'd take a witch or equivalent power to do it, though... and it'd probably mean leaving the cave herd to their doom when either the nohorns and goldenhairs gain supremacy on the surface.

3/? As i learn from the wild herds, they see the masses of herds in the caves as a threat to their lands and food productions. Seeing that there are so many more horns in the witch caves than out on my world, this is understandable.


2/? From frindly to bitter rivials, the various wild herds react to each other. The cave herds seem to be hostile to every other herd has threats. The wild herds have learned to co-operate to some degree. When Great Leedah calls them, they all stop fighting and work together under her command.

Hm, that sounds right. The cave herds are still very close to the original surface herds.

Defectivehorn Keeper here. I feel I should add to your comment about The wild herds still use 'Wronghorn go home" dance between each wild herd groups, but more out of tradition than warning or malice. The relationships between the wild herds varies quite a lot. 1/?

wildhorn update

5/5 (sorry for another long posting) The Great Leedah has declared that my defective horns, @muscle_Horn included, are to be respected. That and all defects normally culled are sent to me if possible for me to choose from them. Am I seen like the other Apostle back in their old cave?

It seems you've become an apostle to the herd! You have your work cut out for you, defective horn keeper!

4/? Also with the long term wild herds is that hornmother hatches are even fewer. So unless the hornmother is hopeless, they are not culled. So a hornmother here by odds lays no more than 10 hornmothers, often just 5. Exceptions do happen. The Great Leedah is one of them, She's laid at least 50.

Oh... I wonder if their minds have also adapted to this. A hornmother normally becomes distressed if she's not laying her daily egg. Then again, this fewer eggs, I suppose each one is more precious and the haremhorns pamper them even more...

3/? The newer herds from the caves look and act much like they would while in the caves, but herd that have been on my world for a long time do have some notable changes. The egg laying rates slow down, but the defects in the smallhorns hatched are far fewer and easier to live with.

Hm, so the super herd is really a bunch of smallherds...?

2/? Maybe this is how she keeps the herds from openly fighting among themselves? Either way, they still seem to be friendlier to each other than the cave herds are. I have also noticed some differences between the herds, more so the ages of them that have been on earth longer.

No "wrongherd go home" dances, huh? Hmm

Defectivehorn keeper here. more herds have arrived. But the Great Leedah has started and overseeing something like a tournament between the herds. Debates with the hornmothers, skills and crafting with the rank and file horns, and fighting duels with the musclehorns. 1/?

A super herd! I never thought such a thing would be possible... but it looks like these defectives have become something "more" than the herds on Big Egg.

5/5 The Great Leedah soon fell asleep and I'll talk to her more later. She doesn't look weathered for such an old hornmother. Her horns are indeed large, but she appears to have willingly cut sections off to have the parts made into necklaces that the other hornmothers wear and lose bulk.

That must be painful! ;w;
I would like to get a picture of this Very Old Leedah and her hornmothers. Maybe I can send my apostle to take a snapshot...
55 The Great Leedah soon fell asleep and Ill talk to her more later She doesnt

4/? That is the summery of their reason being here. That and we have more trees and less winter. from what I have learned so far about their old home world, Earth is still a better place to live on. I did give her a cake in return for all the information I could learn that day.

I wonder if Very Old Leedah has had cake before?
I bet you could get a lot of information with more cake...

3/? Not just the vampires and Templars, but the herds feared a war between the Witches as well one day. So the herd migrated in the caves till they found my world, Earth. They believe a new "Witch" lived on Earth and I was "her" Apostle. To protect them from the Witch war.

Who knows? Maybe a witch does live there...

2/? The elder hornmother told me much, but that only brought up more questions. The wild herds have trickled into my world from the witch caves centuries ago (as the tale goes). Although the herds migrated back and forth between my world and the witch caves to avoid threats from the old world.

Kukuku~ the secret of the apostle's caves!

Defectivehorn keeper here, The "Great Leedah" arrived. The wild herds had told me rather over the top tales of her deeds, powers and appearance. reality is that she is just not at all defective appearing hornmother who is far older than they could get. She's very worn out but talkative. 1/?



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