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>Feminists are upset because they don't look good in bikinis and suck at butt-fighting and that makes them feel frumpy | Dangit, sempai, I don't wanna get a PS4, but butts and Bloodbourne (also bloodbutts?)...! Is there any chance of a PC release, ya think? Japan's not the best market, but...

I dunno, Espernyan. But this is an age of miracles!
Neptunia and Dragon's Dogma are on Steam... anything is possible...!!
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That Gunslinger Linkle that you shared it totally reminds me of Asagi. Even her expression and fashion sense.

Hm, yeah! She does have that vibe, eh?
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What would you do if someone suddenly confessed to you?

The only thing I'm getting these days are christmascakes with massive emotional damage and relationship baggage. Sure, they're nice and polite enough up front, but I'd rather not bother. I'll just play my games and draw my himehorns, thanks.
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Wow, I wasn't expecting a serious answer to the question. Not that I was baiting, I was just expecting more of a "lol cuz its cute" response. But, that actually helped a lot. Thanks.

np, anon. Cake it easy!
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Here's an edgy question why is cgdct popular? I don't get it, every season on /a/ a moeblob show will be paraded as aoty. So I say well maybe it has some depth, maybe it's thought provoking, maybe it's SOMETHING, but nope. It's the same nothing as always I am genuinely baffled at this? Toodles!

You're trapped in a dogmatic fog, anon.
Different people have different needs and desires in their life, and fiction can satisfy those needs and desires in a variety of ways. Things like "depth", "character development", etc. are not mandatory or inherently important. Questions of importance only get a grip after we've settled needs and desires, and even then they are only important against the background of some particular person's particular needs and desires.
The truth is that most people don't need a piece of fiction to open their eyes to this or that fucked up aspect of the world, or show them that people can suffer, or change, or be presented with some intellectual toy to chew on -- their actual lives already do that for them. What they want and need is something that shows 'em life is worth living -- or at least tolerable. And not by making a case, but by actually being the thing that makes life worth living (or tolerable). For a great many people, that means images of cute girls being happy. That image is way deep down in most primitive animal parts of our brains: young girls are the future life of the tribe. That's just a fact. To put it in himehorn terms: When the egg producers are happy, the herd is happy. No matter how bad things are for you as a stupid, disposable musclehorn, it's all okay if the hornmothers are happy and laying their happy eggs once a day. It means you're doing the right thing and your suffering is worth it.
In a secular world, cute girls doing cute things is about as close to an image of salvation and paradise you can get. It's all there: harmony inside the tribe, the fruitfulness of the tribe, safety, plenty, the bountiful future, the hint of good mating opportunities without the intrusion of male vs male tournaments, the purposefulness of your labor, and your offerings consumed.
Don't take moe lightly. It's srs business.

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In an alternate universe sakura loves you fir more than money and wouldn't dream if cucking you.

But isn't that my current unive--?
... Oh.
Ha ha. G-good one, anon. Ha ha ha.
In an alternate universe sakura loves you fir more than money and wouldnt dream
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I want to plow Algis's fields

Give plenty of offerings and get the head gardener's attention and you too can be amongst chosen!
Those who water and tend the fields of the White Witch are probably the happiest in The City -- it's hard work and melons are a real pain to grow (they're so finicky) but a really good melon can keep The City warm and provisioned for another forty or fifty years... and of course, all the sisters really love a Gardener... all that sweat and r-rubbing melons under the transparent canopy of the Inner Garden... haaa~ haaa~
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You can do both! I want vegetable IKEMEN!!! DO IT!!!!!

Cucumber-kun, a rich model and internet sensation whose intense love and sharp tongue border on abuse...
Eggplant-kun, a generous and kind former businessman who has created multiple foundations to help disadvantaged children... known for his intense and serious personality and habit of working himself to exhaustion... no one else notices it, but perhaps he's trying to ignore a deep wound in his heart... a wound only someone like you could heal...
BlueberryBananaPancake-kun, the carefree and friendly ace of the nationally ranked highschool baseball team -- everyone's a intimidated by him on the field... but he's actually surprisingly awkward and cute?! It's a side that no one else knows but you...
Is... is this working? Legbeards and Fujos, let me know!

What would alternate universe Dan be drawing? Vegetable girls?

Wouldn't it be vegetable boys?
Potato, the selfless and kind not a cutest who is hated by everyone...
Brightato, the nasty, dumb, lazy, ugly, half-brother of Potato-kun who has a really dry mouth and lifeless fish-like eyes...
And Latkes, who is disrespectul and uptight and doesn't look up her aniki at all.

What if the cakeist was like ¨a witch from another place¨ and was secretly trying to conquer the herd with weapons of mass deliciousness?

A real witch would never have to use those kinds of methods. They just do their own witchy things and don't bother much with this world. Those who live in their domains are like birds roosting in the chimney of your house... not really a pest, just another creature doing its own thing in the same space.
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Any plans for Thanksgiving, Dan? What about your doughters?

Canadian thanksgiving was a month ago!
I think I went out to the bakery to have some pumpkin pie...
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Wait, sempai, did Ubi recruit you because they thought your comics were Has-Ass-Cream fanworks? They saw the word 'templar' and thought "Hey, that's a thing WE did," and hired you, didn't they? "ASSASSIN'S CREED 9: A WRONGHORN IN NOHORN'S CLOTHING" when?

If you ever see a cute horned himecut if a future Ubi game, that's me giving y'all a shout. Remember!


Arwenchan’s Profile PhotoArwen
It feels like it's been a million.
Just please... finish the comic before you die, Miura! Please!

GUTS IS OFF THE BOAT AFTER 7 GODDAMN YEARS. Is there anything you've completed or accomplished in the past 7 years you're very proud of (especially something that took a long time)?

>Last Guardian
>FF7 Remake
>Blame anime
>Guts is off the boat
It's an age of miracles.
And I'm pretty happy with these himehorns, witches, and the templar! I really like the way the Vampire Bride world is set up. =w=
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