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As a connoisseur of spacemonies, please babble inconherently about the spacemoney Annis used / Enna enforces in her domain until i feel better about losing control of my life.

Okay -- let me tell you about spacemonies.
In the human domain formal money isn't even a thing -- all production, labour, and consumption is managed by edicts of the subjugated witch (as transcribed by Great Hall workers in the Templar Guardianship). The cities are run like enormous school-houses -- you go to the halls to be fed, do your duties, return to the communal houses, say your prayers, and sleep. It's a strict, regimented life for nearly everyone. When people do need to trade or store value, most people accept dried fruit, tea, meal tickets, or trade shifts for various duties.
In Enna's domain people use silver slips -- actually worn down prayer engraving (generic offerings) from long, long ago. In fact, these 'engravings' are the index codes to the books that once filled the enormous complex underneath the city... but the books were all offered up long ago. and all that remains are the checkout tags (though no one remembers their original purpose). When the inhabitants of Enna's domain make offerings (especially at the end of the year when people make offerings en masse) these slips are used to make up the difference between the size of their actual offering and the size of their wish (down to a certain mandatory minimum offering). Unfortunately, these slips are worthless to Enna (she already has all the books) and the slips are reintroduced into the population in various ways. Vicky suspects that this is how Enna's daughters get their spending money, but she doesn't say anything.

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I just wanna say that your comics helped me through some dark periods of my life. Thanks, Dan.

I'm glad the comics were useful to ya. Thanks for taking the time to let me know - seriously, it means a lot to me. Cake it easy, man.

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Is there anywhere to still get a print copy of Paper Eleven?

Not at the moment. I want to make some revisions to the book before putting it back on sale. It will eventually be back, though.

So how many cute girls are going to die through the course of Vampire Bride? How many of those deaths will be excruciating and horrible?

What're you talking about? It's a cute comic about cute girls rubbing faces on cute fuzzy tummies! =3=
Nothing bad will ever happen. =3=

What's the best comfort food?

Super spicy chicken wings, Korean curry rice, pizza, a good burger... I love 'em all as special treats, but I don't really get whole 'comfort food' thing. When I feel bad I drink! Like a man!!

How do bwehst girl's bwehsts compare to Midorin's midorins?

Okay. I imagine Midorin being heavy, suffocating, just a bit too much -- like a megastack of pancakes made with overly thick batter. Soft, but very weighty. Lots of inertia when she moves. Slightly pendulous.
A cutest and bat is boringly Vampire Perfect when well fed, fuzzy and flat when she's not. Honestly Vicky likes the fuzzy body more but she'll never say it outright.- the bat is kinda vain in her own way.

How does cupcake feel knowing she will never be bwehst girl?

ok how can u say it 2me im a cutest AND A BEST ok u shud lern it rite b a edyercated on my a cute >:[

Are you building Mother||Child from scratch or using an engine (Unity, Gamemaker etc)?

Testing concepts with gamemaker for now -- I may or may not do things from scratch depending on what features the final design calls for.

I've read all everything that I can find that you've written about Mother||Child, and I still can't really get an idea of what the actual gameplay will be like. What's the closest example you can think of in terms of how it will actually play?

That's because I'm still working on the core aspects.
What's settled so far:
-huge, wide open space as well as claustrophobic areas
- focus on extremely free, fluid movement
- focus on precise timing and creative use of movement+environment to escape and disable enemies.
- lots of exploration, no levelling (only player skill building), lots of verticality
- daughter raising aspect
So something like n+ with massive jumping abilities in the BLAME! world with daughter raising, camping, and exploration and some metroidvania aspects.
I should keep a dev blog...

Dan! What do you feel about the latest happenings regarding #Gamergate?

Too much to say to type anything up. Maybe I'll talk about it a bit next time I drawstream.

Don't suppose you do, but do you have any idea roughly how long shipping NNN to Europe would take? (Just ordered one, would like to know how to set my expectations as to when it'll arrive)

3-7 weeks! It varies because I use ground/boat shipping... (if I used airmail, it would be about $40-60 to mail, depending on location...sorry...)

Have you seen the new Tenchi character designs yet? What do you think? Washu can't be Washu without crab hair.

HurricaneHarvey’s Profile PhotoHurricaneHarvey
Fantastic - I was never a huge fan of the original designs. The updates are right in my strike zone.


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