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Delete! Delete! | As I said, it's no use. We already have the evidence, it's too late... even if you were to delete ALL her accounts, the pics are all over the place already... not to mention the screenshots, streams, etc etc.

Maybe if Cupcake acts a cutest and goodgirlest enuff she'll be able to fool mom... ;~~;
Do your best, my a cutest..
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They're all I have. | You forgot to unclude pancake and Sakura into your little chuuni fantasy.

They're included in "a cutests" as Pancake is my mega a cutest and Sakura is my super a cutest. =3=
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Hey dan, it's Darkcakes mom. It's cold when your gone. It's just so dark. Dark like my Cake. Come to me Dan. Come to me

I'm not falling for your siren's call again...! Look what happened last time!!
Hey dan its Darkcakes mom Its cold when your gone Its just so dark Dark like my

Have you ever had Chuunibyou? If so, tells us about it. If not, how do you think your life would have been like if you had it?

I'm Chuuni right now dawg
Have you ever had Chuunibyou If so tells us about it If not how do you think

It's no use, Dan. There are lots of evidence on the internet to support us. You lost the war even before you started to battle.

Delete! Delete!
My a cutest, start deleting your ---
Its no use Dan There are lots of evidence on the internet to support us You lost
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At least she still believes Cupcake is a good girl, too. | Don't worry, we will tell her the truth when we meet at the hospital, so if something happens, you are already there. :)

Cupcake! My a cutest!! Put on your good girl clothes and practice your piano for grandma!! ;~~~~;
Yes, that's it! Be good! GOOD! Like that!!
At least she still believes Cupcake is a good girl too  Dont worry we will tell
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-Hello, Dan's mom? Yes. He did it again... or more like, he never stopped. Yes, yes. Can you handle it? Yes, thank you! See you at the hospital to check on him later.

>tfw your mom knows about your cake daughter
At least she still believes Cupcake is a good girl, too.

it hurts | No more than you have hurt Darkcake's feelings, over and over again, for only god knows how long. Don't make us call you Mom and tell her to use a bat on you, Dan!

Hey, come on. I send her a little money each month... she can handle the rest herself. She's a good girl.
it hurts  No more than you have hurt Darkcakes feelings over and over again for
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Hey Dan, it's me Darkcakes mom. Why did you leave me? I thought we had something special. Please come back we can raise our doughter together. I love you.

;~; stop it anon
Darkcake's mom isn't here anymore
it hurts
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Dan, my neetbux ran out today and mummy and daddy aren't having it with my piss bottle collection! W-what am I gonna do!? I've never worked a day in my life and people give me the meanest looks, I'd rather just stay inside.

That's a rough break, anon!
I suggest first working on basic goal setting and discipline. Add a morning workout (can be very small -- just enough that you don't want to do it) and stick to it. When you realize you're capable of making yourself do things, the world opens up. Then you can start managing yourself from a third person perspective and ranking yourself up in various ways... almost like controlling a character from an RPG.
As for specifics... well, that's going to have to come from you. You should know your own needs, capabilities, and goals, and then see what's possible for you in your current environment given those. If you don't like how that looks, you can use your ability to manage yourself to change your environment, improve your capabilities, rethink your goals, etc.
Sorry for the overly general non-advice, anon. But that's just it -- you're your own person and your path if going to be as different as you are.
Cakeluck, anon!

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Hey Dan, I've been keeping my stories in my head for a while but I don't know how I could write the ideas that would make them the same as they are in my head or what I gain if I manage show that to anyone. Why do you share your stories and do you think you're conveying everything you want across?

Hey, anon.
Abandon all hopes of recreating what's in your head. You can't do it, you can't transmit it. You can give the same book, movie, sculpture, or whatever to a hundred different people and you'll get a hundred different descriptions of what it is. Even when descriptions seem to agree, even in detail (e.g. two people agree "Bob the pirate looked out over the waters, he had three buttons on his shirt, it smelled like danger") you will eventually reach disagreement about terms (what counts as a pirate?) detail (how was he standing?) or meaning (so he was looking out over the waters... so what?). A lot's been written on this kind of thing, actually -- long story short, minds and languages can't really do the kind of thing you want here.
Actually, I used to worry about this stuff a lot, but during NNN my attitude towards art and writing really changed. If transmission and accuracy are out, what's left? If you can't even paint a landscape and make it the "right" painting of that landscape, what can you do? One answer, I think, is to let that painting become party of the landscape itself, not a representation of that landscape. Instead of trying to use your art as a piece of Silly Putty -- peeling an image off your mind and then stamping it on to the mind of your audience -- you should be generous, charitable, and instead open up a landscape for your audience (a landscape molded by you, motivated by that image in your head) and let them explore that landscape as they wish. And as they explore, they may detect your hand in it, and so come to understand the shape of that image in your mind... but they will never detect that image directly. And that's fine -- if your focus is on the shape of that landscape, its maintenance, and making it a place where others can exercise their own powers of creativity and imagination, isn't that enough?
Anyway... I'm rambling a bit now, but that's more or less the way I look at things. You may come to your own conclusions -- in fact, I hope you do.
Good luck with your own works, anon!

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Yes hello cupcaek I would like a pricelist for cupcaek pantsu mama acutest pantsu darkcaek pantsu dankim pantsu any special price for all 4 at once? thnks bye

ok hi 4 ur maile u can by it:
$$$ its a socks frum me a cutest cupcaek
$$$$ its a sock i weared it
$$$$$$ u can by 2me a caek ok i liek it
$$$$$$$$ oh wow its a presnt 4me thx ur niec!! wow =3= muu
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ok thx 4 ur sub and doneate 2me thx 4 ur caekclub
Yes hello cupcaek I would like a pricelist for
cupcaek pantsu
mama acutest
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My granduncle has never been married, doesn't have any kids, but has had a succession of girlfriends over the years after he spent most of his life alone. They mostly spend their retirement having fun and collecting vintage guitars. You don't have to be alone unless you want to be, Dan. There's hope

Nah, nah. There's nothing out there for me, man.
The only thing I like about them is their a cutestestness... and around my age, that a cutestness is in short supply. Why bother?
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Cakewitch, I hear the Vivendi herd is trying to take over the Ubisoft herd's territory! Don't let them! They took over our territory and stole all our cakes! They're evil! They'll make you eat yucky carrots and climb your radio towers and quip at the camera AND NEVER LET YOU HAVE A TURN AGAIN :'(

>: Y
Yes hello this is cakewitch
This is a cakemergency
I'm sending my cakepostle to the Vivendi herd to eat ALL THEIR CAKES and do a NOT A RESPCT OK on their whole herd
Take no prisoners
Good luck, my cakepostle
Cakewitch I hear the Vivendi herd is trying to take over the Ubisoft herds

What is your favourite method of bullying cutes?

Denying them food, giving attention to an even more a cutests right in front of them, lying, blowing them off, forgetting about things that are important to them, not responding to their feelings, etc.


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