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What would you do if all the anons that ask you things were in reality just a single person?

It's just you and me, anon!

Poor, unemployed, untalented, prone to procastination and lazyness, no career, with depression and life just refuses to let me go ... what do?

That's a rough one, anon.
This other anon has some ideas:
In short, try experiencing new things and see if it lights a passion in you. It might be for an activity, a person, or a cause... could be anything. And don't think wealth is just money -- time and access are also resources, and you have your youth and the entire internet at your fingertips. You could teach yourself how to program, draw, learn history, or whatever you like.
As for talent, forget it. Doesn't matter. When it comes to living a good life, it's about becoming your own master and taking pride in your activities in the world -- not because they're better than the activities of others, but because they're the product of that life you've assumed authority over and responsibility for.
But you gotta do it now, anon. You gotta take charge and made decisions or time will decide for you. You gotta do it now or one day (very soon) you'll be old and kicking yourself for not reforming yourself when you were younger...

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What is the best gift a fan can give you? (aside from money of course :P )

Fanart! And telling your friends about the comics. =3=
Of course, just reading the comics and enjoying 'em is more than enough. Thanks for reading~ =w=
What is the best gift a fan can give you aside from money of course P
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I have 171 unanswered questions... ;w; ||| Feeling guilty? ... which one is the oldest you have?

Two months. A request for a himehorn with a shoe on her head. ;w;
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What is your criteria to answer questions? Which ones do you usually skip?

I answer anything that's easy to answer, might be useful to someone else besides the asker, and is fun to answer. I have 171 unanswered questions... ;w;

Girls are hyperlewd, sempai. She probably wanted to hold your tiny manlet-hands and appreciate your pocket-spaghetti. Did you ever tell her that you thought her post-6pm attitude was strange?

Can't be helped now. It's 1 player mode from here on out. >: T
Girls are hyperlewd sempai She probably wanted to hold your tiny manlethands and

What was the first anime you have watched / the oldest you remember?

The first one I REALLY got into was Sailor Moon. I was in 12 years old!

Dan I'm finally watching CCS for the first time and I feel like now I understand you. Sakura is a miracle of the universe and everyone else in the show is a massive, horrifying creep. It explains so much.

Welcome to the club!
PS we are one of those creeps now.
Dan Im finally watching CCS for the first time and I feel like now I understand

Not giving up is cute?

It is!
I hate the "oo~ boo hoo I'm feeling sad I need sum1 to b a niec 2me 4my feelings" type. Pick yourself up and do your fucking job! Work hard! Who cares if you're miserable? Sometimes you have to be miserable to get the job done! Do it! DO IT NOW! And never give up! God dammit!
I'd be very happy with a capable OL Sakura. It's too bad I'm a disgusting neckbeard with no money and that's forever out of my league. Actually, Miss Orange Dress was kinda close -- she played a capable commercial banking OL in the morning ... but was all "uu~ I'm just a girl~ it's hard~ do it for me~" after 6pm. Why? Just why? Anyway, she's probably happy with some Chad McHugehands with a 20 million dollar tech startup now though. Whatever.
: T

Why is Sakura a cutest?

Everything about her is a cutest!
>looks a cutest
>kind to others
>never gives up
Literally perfect.

Sidonia got a Blame! animu before us. NIHEI YOU FUCKING CHEEKI BREEKI.

Just give me my BLAME! Gakuen OVA.

No, Vicky a best. Snax is a horrible monster that is merely wearing the skin of a titty monster, Cupcake is worst cake, Darkcake is a mass-produced tragic waifu to delude needy otaku, Nana a limbless fuckdoll, himehorns are monstergirlfag bait, Sakura a not even cute... I'd go on. VICKY FOR TOP GIRL

Well, you're certainly entitled to your opin--
>Sakura a not even cute
No Vicky a best Snax is a horrible monster that is merely wearing the skin of a

Okay, sempai, get ready for the super-duper-harsh criticism bombs I'm about to drop! YOUR HANDWRITING IS STILL KINDA IFFY AND CUPCAKE IS OBJECTIVELY THE WORST GIRL EVER. That's all!

Okay sempai get ready for the superduperharsh criticism bombs Im about to drop

What has been the harshest criticism have received so far?

Hmm, you know, I have no idea. I don't really treat complaints or compliments as claims about the work itself, though -- more like a report about what happened and what beliefs were generated by the activity of picking up the comic and working through it. It's the sort of thing that they can't really be wrong about and so it's hard to get worked up about it either way.

How often do you get fan mails?

Emails? Not often. But who writes emails these days?
I get nice tweets and ask.fm messages now and then... ah, and fanart, too! I'm always happy and grateful to receive them. =w=
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I'd give most of my blood to let Snax stay on human form longer. Those BIG FAT BAT TATS cannot be traded for anything, even fuzzy feet.

Don't forget her thick thighs!
Id give most of my blood to let Snax stay on human form longer Those BIG FAT BAT
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Mr Kim promise me they'll never be a trap in your series your my final safe haven the traps are everywhere I don't know who I can trust any more does she have a penis does she I just can't know anymore ;-:,

You're safe - traps aren't my thing.


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