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Don't worry, Dan, Darkcake has too much of a father complex to let chad frost her. She just wants to gain your approval and having chad frost her would do the opposite. If Chad did frost her she would probably have a mental breakdown and off herself, now that all her work has been undone.

My almost a cutest... no...
I'm calling her up and taking her out for ice cream!
,,, as soon as Sakura leaves the house... ... : T
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Don't worry, sempai, all those lewd office ladies brought Darkcake to the lily side of the force long, long ago~

That one anon was saying the same thing....
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>Gonna take her out to dinner and then maybe I'll get lucky. | >not ask >she has no choice in the matter | Why?

That's the power of Chad's Chadness.
Don't give in, Darkcake! He's only interested in frosting you!
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Has Sakura ever complimented you?

Sakura! I'm your super a coolest, right?
Ha ha ha, what's with that look? I like that side of you too, though...
W-where are you going?
Has Sakura ever complimented you
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What does darkcake do with your letters? I feel like she would frame them.

She keeps them in a shoebox in her study desk for encouragement. They are her treasure. ;~;
What does darkcake do with your letters I feel like she would frame them
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Hey Dan, Chad here. I'm friends with Chad. Chad told me that I can date Darkcake, but I wanted to let you know. Gonna take her out to dinner and then maybe I'll get lucky. But afterwards I have to go meet my girlfriend.

Hey Dan Chad here Im friends with Chad Chad told me that I can date Darkcake but
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>http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?&series=t42r&page=317&lang=&HUDoff= || Help me out Dan, I'm being retarded. I don't see the grampaclaw. Did he not show up, was it his time to be turned into scrap, or is he there but I am just blind?

In the last strip?
He's not in the panel.
Maybe he died before christmas, maybe he didn't show up, maybe he's just about to show up... maybe he sent his gifts to the kids but is still hesitating, waiting for a call from his son so he can grudgingly come over...
Anyway, I leave all that to the reader.

¿What do you know of the Lost Herd Records?

Herd records can be lost when a herd splits apart during times of great stress or danger. Or sometimes they can get lost when a forgetful hornmother puts a herd record on the wrong shelf or under her nest and falls asleep...
... it's up to the haremhorns to put them back where they belong!

What if Chad is the Hyde to your Jekyll? He's your opposite so it makes sense. I can't accept how Darkcake would love him otherwise, she's got too much of a father complex to sleep with the opposite of her father.

I've heard that everyone has someone waiting for them in hell. His mere presence is the ultimate torment. This man is not the devil. He is the man you could have been.
Maybe Chad is that man.

I'll tell you what, I'm going to touch your almost a cutest Since her old man ain't got no heart, maybe she would like to see a real man. I bet she stays up late every night dreamin' she had a real man, don't ya? Almost a cutest?

Is there a word for having your cake daughters taken away?
It's not NTR.... but it's almost worse. ;~~;
Ill tell you what Im going to touch your almost a cutest Since her old man aint
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Hay Dan, Chad again. I visited Darkcake, and she is such a good girl. She's a hard worker and it looks like she has a bright future ahead for her, not to mention she was really eager and into it! If you like I could talk to Sakura and try to convince her to accept her into our family.

I'm gonna need more golden guns for this one:
Hay Dan Chad again I visited Darkcake and she is such a good girl Shes a hard
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