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Are there brothels or something on big egg (as well as other kind of places like that, gambling dens, and other shady places)? Just curious.

The shadiest place you can reach from Enna's Domain is the secret shop -- the entrance only appears under special circumstances and most folks in the domain don't know the place exists. But you can get almost anything in the shop... for a price. The shop itself doesn't seem to be part Enna's Domain proper, but the shop accepts the silvertags used as offerings at Enna's shrine as well as trade-ins. Bikky usually gets her games from the shop once or twice a year. She's always antsy before the shop appears and buys a lot (too much, really) at once.

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If himehorns were real, how terrifying would they really be and how do you think they would be displayed/explained in science books?

Read the wiki:
If himehorns evolved on the same planet as us... well, I don't think humans would be around to write those science books. But if they landed on our planet now, well, maybe we could get along? Read Raisin's Daily Life: http://manga.clone-army.org/quests.php?quest=raisin

How canon are the early Vampire Bride chapters? It feels like some things got retconned as things developed - like Victoria doing anti-Vampire Templary stuff in Enna's domain. Unless of course I'm missing something and there was a huge timeskip between those few early chapters we're only seeing now.

Pages 1.2.3 take place just a little while after Bikky falls head over heels for a cutest and bweh -- the city you see on page 3 is not Enna's Domain... it's the bweh's home territory. No comment on when Sigrid story takes place in the timeline -- you'll find out later. Page 14+ is in Enna's domain, long after Bikky and the bweh left on their journey together. The himehorn arc is about midway through their journey to Enna's Domain.

You took CompSci? So behind all those cakebutts you're really a math nerd?

I went to the best school in my country for math / comp sci! I took it pretty seriously!
I guess I'm a math nerd, but my best marks were in philosophy. And I enjoy drawing more than both math and philosophy. So I like to think of myself as having a foot in both worlds.


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