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Did you end up checking out FFXV or are you going to give it a pass?

It it a bit at work -- it was cool!
I'll probably end up buying the game later -- I want to work through some of my backlog first. Also I want to save some pocket money for Persona 5, Nier, Switch + Breath of the Wild, and a few other big 2017 releases...

Why does the Southern Witch like himehorns so much, that she'd leave her Apostle with nothing more urgent to do than shuttle them around inside the caves when they get antsy?

According to the herd records, The Apostle (Apassal) is simply carrying out the conditions of a pact made long, long ago. The Southern Witch, now that she has ascended, it unlikely to have anything personal feelings (do witches even have feelings?) about the herd... on the other hand, the seeds, materials, snacks, and stories the Apostle bestows upon the herd are not the conditions of any pact. Perhaps it is simply the Apostle herself who enjoys the dances and songs she receives in return... maybe she's just spent too much time with the herd...
"The snacks are yummy. We should keep doing the dances!"
Why does the Southern Witch like himehorns so much that shed leave her Apostle

What does a defective himehorn look like? :Ic

Sometimes they have an extra horn, missing eyes, a frumpled body made up of multiple folded-up smallhorns, and things even worse than that. The haremhorns try not to think about it.
And sometimes a defective looks totally normal ... but they aren't: a smallharemhorn with a strange noherd smell, a smallmusclehorn with permanent blood rage, or something they're clumsy and fall over a lot, or sleep and sleep and sleep and never eat...
A nursery haremhorn's life isn't so easy. ;~;

All your comics get an animated adaption! Who would request to compose the OST for each?

Hard to say -- I'm not really into music. I'd probably hire someone to figure that out for me.
On the VA size, I'd make sure to get Tange Sakura to voice my Super a Cutest who would berate me during the next episode previews

AND, AT THE BAR, A TINY AND GRUMPY ASIAN MAN WHO HAS CLEARLY NOT SHAVED, BUT LACKS THE GRUFF MAN-NESS TO GROW A BEARD. "Himmyhorns was a mishtaaake," he slurs, knocking back another shot of red velvet, "they're nuthin' but TRESH!"

pls b a respect on a sparse neckbeerd ok


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