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Hey Dan, do himehorns have idols, or do they just bug their Leader all day?

No idols, just Leedah.
A himehorn idol group would be a fun idea though... cute hornmothers singing badly on stage and then snacking and napping for a couple hours... there could even be trading cards with the himehorn idols eating different things...

So Dan, about how many pages do you estimate Himehorn's Everyday Life and Vampire Bride are going to be?

Maybe 80-100 strips for himehorn's daily life and at least 600 for Vampire Bride.
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have you played undertale yet, or are you one of those frothing at the mouth "HURR TUMBLRTALE' faggots? Or have you been too busy letting Ubi suck your life out to even give it a shot?

I've been too busy playing my Nepneps
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MTG. Warhammer 40k. D&D. Pathfinder. Even Battletech. They ALL have waifus associated with them on /tg/. The waifus are endless. /tg/ consists of some of the loneliest neckbeards on the internet, the waifus practically pop out of thin air!

Arwenchan’s Profile PhotoArwen
I guess I shouldn't be surprised... I was nearly one of them. Back in 7th grade I made an elf girl character named "Dances with Carrots" ... but the D&D group was too smelly to hang around with at lunch. And I started watching Sailor Moon that year.
>tfw RPing your own elf waifu
MTG Warhammer 40k DD Pathfinder Even Battletech They ALL have waifus associated

>implying men aren't piggus in human clothing | Sempai, are you of crazy? Next you'll tell me kobolds are little dragon dudes instead of little puppy dudes

I don't know anything about kobolds
please have this himehorn in a specal himehorn school uniform
implying men arent piggus in human clothing  Sempai are you of crazy
Next youll
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Would Darkcake go to the beach and swim with her socks on?

She'd be too busy working and studying to go... well, unless someone guilted her into it. She's weak to that sort of tactic.
She'd end up looking for a cheap swimsuit the day before since she'd only have a school swimsuit from her elementary school days... but end up splurging on a nice swimsuit and regretting it later but also treasuring the memory of having fun in an expensive swimsuit, eating fried noodles at a beach house, drinking a soda, noticing some of the boys looking at her... ... then she'd try to go to bed but be kept awake by all those complicated feelings. Then she'd be all tired the next day at work and decide that going out like that really isn't for her... but secretly wish someone would badger her into it again...

Sempai, why does bikky's wife spend so much time in bat form?

Power saving mode so she doesn't have to sip as much. Also less detectable. ;_;
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It's getting melty! Stop it! | ...but why? Its nothing bad, Cupcake and even the himehorns have shown their feet... if my memory is right.

Yes, but Cupcake is ... well, Cupcake. And the himehorns don't know any better. Darkcake has modesty.
Its getting melty Stop it  but why Its nothing bad Cupcake and even the
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Stop embarrassing Darkcake, anon...!! | Hey! You were the one who said that! I just ask for a proof of the fact!

It's getting melty! Stop it!
Stop embarrassing Darkcake anon   Hey You were the one who said that I just ask
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Unless there are some kind of thigh highs that allow for bare feet, Darkcake should keep her socks on!

Getting some conflicting messages here... : T
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Lolipope is delicious brown, flat chest, and bare feet. She also commands an entire religion of devoted followers. She is from the best campaign setting for D&D.

Darkcake with her socks off?
Lolipope is delicious brown flat chest and bare feet She also commands an entire
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>Are there even any a cutest /tg/s? >He doesn't even know about lolipope | I am relieved and disappointed at the same time, Dan

You have my attention.
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