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Is the "Himehorn's Daily Life" taking place during the approximate aftermath of the ship landing from in "A Captain's Worries"? On another note, when is "Snowhorn Go Home" Coming out? Thanks!

Yes, that's the Captain's ship landing (and burning) in Himehorn's Daily Life.
And Snowhorn Go Home will come out after Himehorn's Daily Life wraps up -- we're more than halfway through!

Does a Himehorn's hair naturally grow that way, or do they have barbers? If it's the former, what would happen if you cut it? Could they grow it back? If it's the latter, is it a hassle to get the Musclehorns to hold still on haircut day?

It naturally grows that way.
If you cut it they will cry.
It will grow back, but they will still cry.
Does a Himehorns hair naturally grow that way or do they have barbers If its the

-Do you hate what u draw ? Don't u never get satisfied ? -How to draw ? Not really how to begin, but how to continue, I can draw only if I only do it and nothing else, when I do other things, I just can't draw --' not sure if it's clear ;-:

I know what you mean -- I think the trick is to take on smaller projects so you have a chance of finishing them. And make sure you use each small project as training for your next project -- don't try to make it perfect, just use it to get better at one particular thing, then put it aside. Make finding and tackling interesting problems your goal -- the finished pieces are just a side effect.

Hello, Dan! First I wanna say I love your comics, second, I have a few questions about Vampire Bride if that's alright. 1) Why did Vicky and Annis fight? 2) Are Bicky and a cutest bat in hiding right now? Since they're living with the no horns right now.

Hi, anon!
Thanks for the kind words. =w=
As for your questions:
1) There's no way Vicky can let Annis threaten her bweh. And there's no way Annis can let Vicky have her million bat babies. Since Annis' contacts have been killed, it's clear to Annis that Bikky really has betrayed her sisters -- and it's clear to Bikky that Annis really was a threat to her bweh after all. Annis has to prune the wild branch, Bikky just wants to be with her bweh in peace.
2) They're taking a pit stop with the himehorns on their way to Enna's Domain -- things will fall into place as we go.


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