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>musclehorns | Muscle density instead of size? Learning to sneak more instead of using only brute force?

Maybe they could swarm the enemy like ants? The musclehorns could still tear their enemies apart with their bare hands -- they'd just take out little tiny chunks at a time due to their small size.

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>hornmothers || Simple. Tiny eggs, just like little birds. The cuckoo has a tiny egg but grows huge af in comparison with the birds they use to raise their eggs for them.

You're just scaling down the whole herd!
Anyway, they'd probably get eaten by a big fuzzy tree-worm.
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The herd would be over. ;~; | Why? They would just stay tiny and cute for the rest of their lives. Nothing would really change aside from their size, right?

How are the musclehorns going to hunt effectively?
How will the haremhorns do all their herdwork?
How will hornmothers lay their eggs?

How many fans do you think you have, Dan? How many of those would you consider 'Big fans' (i.e. would buy something from you)?

About 1000ish, if I go by book sales. But not everyone who buys a book is necessarily a huge fan, and someone can be an huge fan but never buy anything (I am okay with that).


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