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How did you come up with the noise known as "bweh" ?

It's a vampire's "Bleeeh! I VANT to SUCK you're BLAAHD" combined with cute baby talk/pokemon sounds. "Bweh~"

>We're the equivalent of art house filmfags now, anon. NOOOOOOOOO! I refuse to accept this! Gaming can't be that dead! ;-;

The gaming giants of old are literally on kickstarter. It's ogre, anon. We'll have to make do with the occasional aberration like soulsborne and indie games.
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N-no. I just haven't gone past the first opening there. Who puts a bell under a scary spider place, anyways?!

You'll have to read the item descriptions and explore more to figure it out... =3=

I'm in the lookout for the moest of moeshit games for the Vita. Would you happen to have any idea of what to look for? As sickeningly moe as possible.

You're in luck, anon!!
Moe Chronicles is ready for you!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inBDglGsQToCloneManga’s Video 127945955186 inBDglGsQToCloneManga’s Video 127945955186 inBDglGsQTo
Also get all the Atelier games! DO IT NOW.
I also hear the Neptunia games are great for scratching your weeaboo itch.

I-It's not in that Queelag place, is it? Or the scary Dragon Valley thingie? Or is there another invisible wall in the big tree of happy bonfire?

Yeah, it's in that Queelag place. You didn't miss the lever for the bell after the boss, did you?

But... but... the Avengers was pretty good, though!

Stop it, anon! You can like something and admit it's shit. It's okay to like shitty things. We all have shit taste in most areas of life! Embrace it!

Sempai, is the second bell supposed to be somewhere in Blighttown? Or is it in the ghost-y place? I can't tell if Blighttown is this game's Magmoor Caverns or not.

You're in the right spot! Just keep heading down. Wander around a bit once you hit the bottom and you'll see where you have to go.

It's straightforward enough to create the change you want to see in comics, but games development is a much more complicated endeavor that has limits to what you can do with one person and no money. How do I fight the system?

Well, the tools are cheaper than ever-- basically (or actually) free. Distribution is also basically free now. There's never been a better time to just strap down and make the game you want. As for the details... well, I don't really know. Hopefully someone in the indie scene can reply to this and suggest ideas.
Personally, I'm just gonna go make the Snowhorn visual novel and Mother||Child.
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What do I do sempai... So many people today are complacent playing mediocre MMORPGs, and they have no way of knowing or experiencing how much better things were in The Old Days... When I try to preach the virtues of game design I am called a nostalgiafag... What can I do sempai...

It's over, anon. Preaching about game design to the masses is like preaching about film making to folks lined up for Transformers and Avengers. They don't care.
We're all guilty of it. You can preach to high heaven about the virtues of excellent car design, but I don't fucking care. I just want to get from point A to B. Don't talk to me about your fucking artisanal coffee -- I just want to be more awake for the next hour. It's the same with games, anon. Most people just want to kill time with their games. That's all they want.
We're in the minority now and we always will be. That's the price of the mass market. We're the equivalent of art house filmfags now, anon. Games got too popular. Market success has cost us our strength. Victory has defeated us!
What do I do sempai So many people today are complacent playing mediocre MMORPGs

Himehorn and Snax sticker sets on the Line app. I just made you another million dollars. You're welcome.

I tried before, but I think I remember there being some restriction that prevented me from using it... hrmm.. can't remember what, though. Anyway, I'll check it out again!

Mr. Dan kMeme, what class will you play in Tree of Savior?

Depends on what materials are available for cosplay.
I might try to make Bikky (I made a Bikky build in Bloodborne) ... but I might try to make Cupcake or the Apostle... hrrm... depends on whether I can find a nice eyeball hat...

You can just imagine the next future leedah never getting the vibe who amongst them would be a good leedah. All the while she's completely unaware that everyone around her has had the vibe that she's it. Then one day out of nowhere. Someone impulsively calls her leader. Trapped by THAT awful word!

You can just imagine the next future leedah never getting the vibe who amongst

BTW. I love the way you've drawn the hornmothers in Vampire Bride. I really love the way that one looks at Snacks on the last panel of page 112. Even when not chibi-fied they are adorable! Like this. It seem to trigger an autonomic response to hug every time I see them. Could it lead to world peace?

They definitely turned out cuter than I expected. =w=
Unfortunately, the templar don't appreciate their cuteness and just end up bullying them. Why this? ;w;
BTW I love the way youve drawn the hornmothers in Vampire Bride I really love
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I'm re-reading vampire princes bride. I'm sitting here laughing my ass off about page 119. That one motherhorn impulsively...reflexively reacting and calling the other "Leader". Then once call that the hornmother realizing what just happened "runs-screaming". Fscking hilarious!

Mufufufu~ =w=
Glad you enjoyed it, anon!
No one really wants to be leedah... there's too much pressure! ;w;
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Witches and VB confirmed to take part in the same universe?

Sorta. You'll have to wait for the details to come out in the actual comic(s). =3=

Do himehorns actually like cows?

They like how they taste. They're also cute in their own way. They don't look like our cows, but they have horns, they're very fuzzy, and give a lot of good meat and milk.

Hi, Dan. Have you ever woken up and realized you don't want to do the thing you keep doing anymore? Like, yesterday you were so pumped about drawing himehorns, and then the next you just don't want to have anything to do with it anymore? If you have, how do you deal with it?

That happened to me when I was working in mobile games. When it became clear that F2P was going to crowd everything else out and that there was no going back, I was in a real funk. The pay was good, but I didn't get into the industry to make value extraction devices. Over the next few months I became seriously depressed as more and more gameplay was sacrificed on the alter of Pay To Win monetization. Eventually I had zero interest in going to work and the day seemed to stretch on FOREVER. And when I got back home I was too mentally exhausted to work on comics. It was shit. Half of what I was passionate about disappeared and it was eating the other half. I had to leave. So I did.
Also, when it comes to comics, sometimes it becomes clear that I'm just not interested in that idea anymore or it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Check out my comic graveyard. There's no shame in walking away from a project if it isn't any good.
Unfortunately, sometimes an idea continues to look great... but for some reason the fire just vanishes. It happens -- in fact, it happens a lot. It happened on Nana, Paper Eleven, NNN, Tomoyo42 multiple times... sometimes I just want to walk away for no good reason. Well, it's just a glitch in the brain. The brain isn't very reliable. But there's no "reason" there to explore -- it's just a kink in the machine. I just gotta switch it up for a while, do something else, and let the fire come back. That's why I have other comics to do, some video games and books on the side, and a digital piano to play on. Sometimes you just need to shake the machine and get the breadcrumbs out of the ol' toaster. And if that doesn't work, I'll just return to the comic and grind it out. Just getting a page done (no matter how bad) lights the fire again. Accomplishment breeds accomplishment.
As for a genuine and permanent loss of interest... I felt that way about martial arts. I just lost interest entirely for no real reason. Interests change, and that's okay. It's hard to think of anything that's truly permanent in life. One day I might even abandon comics. That's okay. Just appreciate things while you have 'em, anon.
Sorry for the long and rambling answer... I'm kinda drawing on the side, actually... ;w;
Cakelunk, anon!

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As Dan said, grab pcsx2, download the latest revision from git (stable version is one year old). Configuration is pretty simple but guides are available on the official forum, dump an .iso from your game disk [muffled yar har fiddle dee dee in the distance] and play.

Yep. Playing old PS2 games at high res is great.

Himehorn documentary narrated by David Attenborough when?

>tfw Attenborough will die in your lifetime
Actually, the dude is old. Could happen any day now. ;~;
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emulators are a thing ||| well, give me the link then :v ... Back then I never found one that worked without breaking the game experience ... and now, with all the new versions, I don't even know which one to play or If I can even play them... since I wouldn't like to miss the new content. ^^U

http://pcsx2.net/ is the one I use. I still have all my old PS2 disks and it works pretty well.


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