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What's the largest land animal you could defeat in one-on-one, unarmed combat?

I've started the experiment and I've worked my way up to one-legged toddlers. Dachshund puppies are up next-- I'll keep you apprised.
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If the Chiakipus ever tried to seduce Snax, how hard would it be for Snax to not succumb to the temptation?

It'd be a threeway. Bikky would press them together and motorboat both of their fuzzy tummies at once.
- BWEH?!
- BBRrrlllbbb [So fuzzy...!]

What is best coupling and why is it milf x shota?

Your taste is terrible. The best coupling is fat faceless geezer x your waifu.

Post the least shitty Christmas song ya got

Oh the carols today are frightful
They make rape seem so delightful
Clickbait is my bread and meat
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It doesn't show signs of stopping
And my forehead veins are popping
Crush those shitlord balls with your feet!
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When I finally go offline
No one cares 'bout my English degree
If only I could kill all men
Maybe then at last I'd be free!
The papers are slowly dying
But outrage sells if you're still buying
And I'm a writer who'd like to eat-
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFJ7ie_yGU#t=2m33sCloneManga’s Video 122515772018 7MFJ7ie_yGUCloneManga’s Video 122515772018 7MFJ7ie_yGU
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Okay Dan, I'm sorry but inquiring minds want to know. How did Cupcake get born? Does this mean you're... Not a virgin?!

Note to all my fellow cake lovers: please allow 5-10 minutes for cooling before attempting to frost your freshly baked cake. A burnt pipette may lead to strange deformations of character in ur a caekest.

Why is it that when girls post or say lewd stuff everyone wants them, but when I do that the police get called and take me away?

3DPD. I don't even care anymore.


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