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Do haremhorns ever lift each other or themselves?

Haremhorns have lifted everyone in the herd at one time or another: as soon as a himehorn hatches, she's swaddled by a haremhorn and carried off to one of the smallhorn nests.

What would happen if a Himehorn from elsewhere tried to join a Himehorn group?

The musclehorns would have to use their muscles.

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What is your favourite genre (and subgenre) of vidya?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
JRPGs, horror survival games, and 3rd person action games. I like especially like games that suck me into their world and set the imagination on fire (Panzer Dragoon, ICO, Etrian Odyssey, Dark Souls, etc) and games with waifus (Persona 3-4, Atelier series, etc.)
Not a fan of FPS.
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Can musclehorns get fat? Will haremhorns keep the motherhorns from becoming more than adorably chubby? I need to know how harshly I must ration cakes in my himehorn sanctuary. No bullies allowed.

The haremhorns carefully control a hornmother's diet -- the composition of her meals, the amount, and the access she has to food. So long as a hornmother eats what she's given she remains in healthy egg-laying form. Of course, if the haremhorns aren't doing their job properly (due to, say, the leader hornmother dying) things can get pretty dangerous. The hornmothers eat and drink and smoke without restraint. It's bad for their bodies, their eggs, and if the haremhorns fall into despair things can spiral out of control pretty fast.
The only way a musclehorn will get fat, flabby, or skinny is by chaining them down so they can't move their bodies. They'll be fine otherwise.
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There's a dance? No wonder the Hime horns get mocked and persecuted. You're doing this to them, Dan.

No horns~! No horns~!
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How smart are the different species of himehorn? We hardly see the musclehorns speaking but not out of lack of intelligence, but because they are simply quieter. Is there a possibility of a debate concerning decisions between the mother and the harems?

The haremhorns don't get involved with any decision making. They simply look after the day-to-day needs of the herd: warming the eggs with the bodies, keeping everyone groomed and safely looked after, preparing food, maintaining living spaces, etc. Occasionally they can be seen whispering in each other's ears or into the ear of a musclehorn, but the hornmothers have no idea what they're talking about. Sometimes it feels like the haremhorns are the ones that are really in charge and the hornmothers are just egg factories... Well, as long as they're fed and groomed, they're happy.
The musclehorns are the strong silent type. They'd rather let their muscles do the talking. Honestly, It's hard to say just what's going on in a musclehorn's head, if anything. They're not particularly expressive and don't really say anything. That said, if a haremhorn whispers something in their ear they seem.... embarrassed and a little happy? It seems like a treat for them. There must be something going on in there.

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About the Haremhorns. I see they have white horns. I also see the Motherhorns have black horns. Is this natural or do either of them color their horns? What's the story behind their horn coloring? Sincerely The Cross-cultural Ethnobiological Ethnologist™

The horn colours are natural. There are a few hornmothers that have their horns painted by their haremhorns, but this is pretty rare. It's mostly a sign of the haremhorns being especially eager to lavish affection on the hornmother, but it's considered a bit gaudy-- maybe even slightly eccentric.
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How would a himehorn go about bullying a defenseless nohorn?

Draw on its face, call it a dummy, sing the nohorn mocking song, eat a cake in front of it without sharing.

I'm visiting the iceworld that Bikky and Snax live on! What are some good tourist destinations? Neat sights to see?

There are a ton of places to visit, but I'll limit myself to The City.
The exposed surface is like a giant sail -- pristine whiter-than-white and stretches across half the hot water lake. The "shoreline" is a popular place to offer a morning prayer and have a moment of introspection. If you have a high tolerance for heat, dangle your legs off the side and enjoy the worms tickling/cleaning your feet. Warning: bring something to scrape off the worm slime - they can get excited.
Inside, you can check out some of the minor temples (you'd never be allowed into the major ones) and leave an offering. Spend a day in the grand library and grab a snack in the mess hall. There's nothing special, but it's all fresh.
Before you leave, spend a night watching the moon and stars. The walls of the city are transparent from the inside and you can enjoy the night safely. Once you leave the city you'll want to travel only by day.
I should include this stuff in the book.
100 sights of Sidon--I mean Batopia!

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Noticed Cupcake's been getting asked to show her feet. What's your opinion on the fetish?

Cupcake should be everyone's fetish.

Who do the himehorns bully?

Nobody, really. Except maybe the food they eat.
They would like to bully the nohorns. One day... one day....
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What is the happiest himehorn?

a) Hornmother eating tasty food
b) Haremhorn hatching an egg
c) Musclehorn lifting something heavy and then putting it down again and then lifting it again huff huff

What is the saddest himehorn?

a) Hornmother that can't produce eggs
b) Musclehorn born with a deformity
c) Haremhorn that has to dispose of (b) or attend to (a)

What does Bikky like most about Snax? What does Snax like most about Bikky?

Those soft and cuddly feet. And that warm fuzzy belly! H-how can a vampire be so cute...? It wasn't supposed to be this way!
Anyway, it was love at first bite.
A Cutest and Bat:
Bikky is pretty dashing, isn't she? Like those cool dark knight characters in those classic RPGs. She also has a cute soft side...her embarrassed face is amazing. Taste great, not too filling, appreciates her bat-beauty, gives good head scratches, has a cute forehead, 10/10 blood-buffet would bite again.


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