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That how to get a 3D Japanese Waifu answer sounds like a lot of projection Dan. Do you need a hug?

Well, just reverse everything I said. Does that sound like a good partner? Someone who brings no value to others, always loses, and is stupid, flabby, and boring? Someone you're ashamed to tell your friends and family about?
Just stating the obvious, as far as I can see.
And the only hug I long for is the sweet embrace of death. On my way to himehorn paradise see ya

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How do I get my very own 3D Japanese waifu?

Same way you get any waifu!
0) Be part of an in-group that brings status and safety.
1) Be successful and accomplished in a career that brings status and money.
2) Be fit and smart and interesting.
3) Don't be a wimp.
4) Always win.
In short, live a life that brings genuine benefits to those around you. You should have amazing coattails that say "RESERVED SEATING - VIP ONLY". Once she rides those coattails she should be able to brag about you to her friends and feel great about making her friends' boyfriends look like capital-L losers. You should be her trump card in the status game. That's the gold standard.
Well, that's my perception of things, anyway.
But what do I know? I'm just sitting here drawing bullied himehorns. I'm out of the game, anyway.
Yer on your own, brah.

Himehorn merchandise please. Himehorn plushie? Himecut-wig-with-horns? Himehorntears and himehornsnot flavor soda? Himehorn pocket pussy or pocket anus in black or white plastic?

Careful with that musclehorn onahole, it'll snap your dick off.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

More Vampire Bride, more Pantsuit, get a book out. Once that's out of the way, it's Subject of Witches for 2016!

I want to become a bwehcromancer. How do I start?

If you wish to romance a bweh, the steps are easy:
1) Be the strongest
2) Have a cute, short, pseudo-himecut
3) Try to find some hobbies you have in common. Maybe games?
4) The way to a bweh's heart is through her stomach. Feed your bweh. Try not to die.
5) Just be yourself!
With that you should be able to romance a bweh. Good luck!

But you promised apron & slippers!

Her childhood/best friend can wear them while breakfast for her kids. Not naked apron though, that's for her husband.

Is it at least a loose tshirt with the collar falling over one shoulder?

Yes. She also has a stack of men's dress shirts.
It's a coping mechanism. Being a christmascake meguca isn't easy.

did you watch any animu this season senpai?

Not really. ;w;
I have Amagi Brilliant Park downloaded but I haven't watched it yet. Too busy bullying himehorns!

Dan, stop right there ya loli loving autist and bow to your senpai. Pardon my lewdness but I wouldn't even hold hands with your waifu. Your opinions are an embarrassment to Chinese cartoon fans everywhere.

Get outta here, Rog.

Would you argue with the assessment of Victoria as a sympathetic villain? Detestable, yet also pitiable.

I'd say that's spot on.

>bullying the Himehorns. Do we need to hire Geralt? Clearly only a truly monstrous being would do such a thing.

The bullying hasn't even begun.
bullying the Himehorns
Do we need to hire Geralt Clearly only a truly monstrous
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Who is a better daughteru, cupcake or darkcake?

Cupcake is my a cutest and a best. I would never compare her to others.
ps it's Darkcake. She is studious and serious and makes asian dad proud.
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Can one of the tiny haremhorns become musclehorn? Or a hornmother? We just need to adopt a few, create a differing sect of them on the surface, make them love nohorn and find a way to make their hair blond through genetic manipulation. It's for the best, really.

Nope, a musclehorn is gonna be a musclehorn, a haremhorn is gonna be a haremhorn.
You might be able to steal a tiny hornmother and raise her above ground, but why would you want to do that? They're a lot of trouble: whining, crying, complaining about the cold, expectedly plopping out tiny hornbaby eggs everywhere / all the time...
Also please don't change a himehorn's hair. A himehorn's himecut (and horns) are her pride.


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