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That previous asker is just crazy. (If not all of them)? .. Who in their right mind would think furrys are anything other than those covered in fur?... Himehorns are not furrys. rest easy

I'm pretty sure I've seen rainbow-haired dragon furries.

I just realized...you reused old Momoka designs/design concepts for Vampire Bride. Like - Bweh is Snax - Apassal is Asatamine - Miko sisters got rekt in the graveyarded Vampire Bride Are the worlds connect? Does Cupcake in same universe as Vampire Bride? Do you make a Tsubasa Chronicles???

Cupcake only exists as a video game series and ultra-popular TV series (with 18 movies) in the Vampire Bride universe.
And I've only reused the designs -- Momoka Corner is not canonically connected to Vampire Bride.

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Why wait for the theater? | Don't you want fame and fortune?

All I want is three cute doughters, my a super a cutest, and infinite time and money to draw and make/play video games. Is that too much to ask...?!

Also, why do you even have a waifu in the first place, let alone ¨dougthers¨, if you don't believe in love?.

That's "doughters". And of course I believe in love... the pure love between a neckbeard and his waifu!

Darkcake reminds me of Mizuki Yukikaze... the resemblance is very high. Is it just a coincidence?

Darkcake is a GOOD GIRL who works hard every day and always does her best. She might have a melty mouth, heart-shaped pupils, mocha skin, and luxurious twintails like Yukikaze but they are nothing alike.
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Does anyone confuse people with bushy eyebrows for witches?

No, a witch always gives off an unmistakable witchy aura -- like the feeling of something enormous moving through deep waters. No one who has encountered a witch before could mistake the feeling. And no one who hasn't encountered a witch knows about their eyebrows.


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