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It's not a ROMANCE STORY. Is every story that has something to say about love, a love interest, or depicts love between people a romance? No. NO IT'S NOT.
I've never written a romance story.

Love and romance aren't the same thing, sempai- I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Lovey-dovey slice of life =/= romance, aye?

Love and romance arent the same thing sempai I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN

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Will you even give Cupcake a sister?

I can't even handle a cutest. There's no way I can handle a cutest and a eben MOAR a cutest.

Of course you'd never draw straight up romance you dummy, that would imply that you would pair together members of the opposite sex.

RIP Kanami.

Probably asked this before: Favourite touhou?

Overall best: Ordinary Witch
Best couple: NTR'd and butt-devastated Patchu + Reimu/Marisa
Flattest: Flan
Softest: Softest

Maybe "A" is her middle name and "Cutest" is her last name. "A Best" is a cute nickname. So her full name is "Cupcake A Cutest" and everyone just calls her "A best". lol

And the A stands for Avalon.
As in Sakura Avalon.
Maybe A is her middle name and Cutest is her last name A Best is a cute nickname

Is Cupcake Kim what you call her when you're disappointed in her, like how Jon used to say "Garfield Arbuckle" in the early strips

"My a cutest!"
Then it's time for spanking. I know what you're thinking: spanking is bad, right? It's okay. She has plenty of padding.

You should watch more k-dramas, they'll improve your romance stories.

They probably would. To be honest though I don't really like writing romance stories (Vampire Bride isn't really a romance story to me). It's unlikely that I'll ever write a straight-up romance.

Ever have a Korean see you and then excitedly start chatting to you in Korean? I've had Chinese people come up to me and start talking to me in Chinese -- the problem being that I don't speak it. They always look so disappointed...

Yeah, I've had that. I don't give a crap, though. I don't really care about preserving language or culture just for the sake of preservation.

>watching K-Dramas // Beware! Down that path lies a dark, endless void of dumb plot twists and obscene levels of melodrama!

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Oh man, I know. My parents love 'em. Actually, I really enjoyed Korean remake of "The Man Who Can't Get Married".
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...Wait, your full name is Cupcake Kim?

No, that's Cupcake's name. The Kim part isn't really part of her name, of course. She's just "Cupcake" a cutest and best =3=

Wait, you're not asian? Cupcake isn't asian?! MIND BROKEN> RIP > BAIBEEEE

W-what!? Cupcake is a cupcake kin and a Cupcake Kim pls b a repect on a caek

Do you know a good source for studying character design, particularly for animation? I'm googling left and right and am a bit stumped.

Nope, no idea, sorry. : \


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