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What's your favorite video game?

Goddamn this is a hard question.
Good job, Daily-kun.
Star Control II? Master of Orion? Ecco the Dolphin II: Tides of Time? Jungle Strike? Dark Souls? Panzer Dragoon II Zwei? Chrono Trigger? FF V and VI?
There are too many candidates. There are so many games I love and have fond memories about. Man, I love games so much... but I love comics, too...
Sigh... I want to work on Mother || Child... but I also want to finish Vampire Bride... There's just not enough time to do everything...!
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Where did Cupcake learn to take those amazing booty shots? I need to acquired this skill!

She get it from her mom. They both love the camera.

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What would happen if the lead hornmother went mad and mutilated her herd by turning them into drillhorns?

Mindbroken himehorns everywhere!

When did you put that original run of Merch for sale?

You mean those Tomoyo42 shirts? 2003 and 2006. It's been a long time.

I'm interested in both drawing and programming, and it seems like a massive undertaking to become proficient at both these tasks while maintaining other interests and working my day job. As someone who has skills in both these areas, do you have any advice for balancing them?

First off, you're going to have to accept that splitting your attention means you're going to become a red mage. That's fine, but you gotta go in with your eyes open. You don't become super proficient at both -- there's just a finite amount of time you have to spend on getting good and that's that.
If you want to go ahead, you gotta examine your schedule and see where you have time and slot in your activities in the right place. Long stretches of quality time should go to /learning/ (programming tutorials, reading up on how to draw, etc.) -- small blocks of time can go to light practice (sketches, small programming problems, etc.). You should also try to reduce overheard tasks as much as possible. No spending an hour on lunch, no spending half an hour in the shower, etc. Also consolidate tiny bits of "limbo time" (free time too small to use) into larger chunks if possible, or carry around a notebook to do little bits of work wherever you go (I used to do this all the time while working and going to school -- on the subway, in the elevator, etc. A lot of Tomoyo42 strips were born this way).
Also sculpt your projects and activities to fit the time you have! If you only have little bits of time, focus on light sketches instead of big finished works. You can move up to those later when you get good and fast at sketching. If you have one or two big chunks on the weekend and that's it -- break that up into blocks, add scheduled breaks to maintain your energy, and schedule accordingly. The challenge with big blocks is not to slack off or allow energy to drop to the point where you can't use the time effectively...
Anyway, hope that helps a bit. Good luck!

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What would happen if a himehorn tried to change their hairstyle to something other than a himecut? What if, his forbid, a hornmother wanted to change their hair to that of a shitty anime protag with multicolored spiky hair?

Unthinkable! That'd be like cutting off your own face. You'd have to be crazy.

Would a himehorn that was abandoned by the herd after hatching and was rescued by a nohorn ever not fear the nohorn? Would the himehorn run away from the nohorn and die in the wilderness instead?

It's a bit of a coin flip - a musclehorn's instincts are very strong, so it'd probably wander off or become listless and dead inside without a herd. A haremhorn might stick around if you gave it something to look after. A hornmother is your best bet -- set up a space where she can start a herd and she'll be happy. Or if she's defective and incapable of laying eggs (probably why they tossed her out in the first place) then you might be able to win her over with cake and pampering and slowly fill that herd-shaped hole in her heart.

Could I train or mindbreak a himehorn to enjoy being bullied?

Sure. Tie up a hornmother so she's stuck in standing position with her legs apart over a hard surface. Watch as she desperately tries to stop herself from laying her egg. Enjoy her screams when the egg splatters on the ground.
Treat her real nice after. Wash the yolk off her legs and feet. Shampoo and brush her hair. Spoonfeed her nice cakes (she won't be able to eat on her own). Then tie her up again the next morning and do it all again. Eventually she'll become totally dead inside and stop caring about her egg. She'll know she can never save it. All her eggs are going to be broken forever.
Eventually she'll just start looking forward for the shampoo and cake. She'll be dead on the inside, but there you go. Enjoy your mindbroken hornmother.

Is Tree of Saviour that Korean MMO? If so, will you have a Clone Guild?

Yep. And sure, why not? Himehorn Bully Squad is go.

Dan, do you remmember when you used to draw comics insted just fan arts? Good times.

I took too many commissions!
I'm going to cut down.

What video games are you looking forward too?

Bloodborne, Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Metal Gear V, Silent Hills, Etrian Odyssey 5, Etrian Odyssey Untold II, Tree of Saviour...

I read your answers earlier today and right now my inking is going smoother than butter. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but...

Ride that wave, anon. Good luck with your drawing.

I'm gonna be honest Dan, seeing that one answer about just doing what you have planned instead of waiting till you're good enough makes me really want to do that. Yeah, I might not draw the best, but that'll come with time and practice! Oh yeah, a question. What kind of job do you have?

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
Go for it, man!
And I used to design video games! I worked on Splinter Cell 5 for the DS (until it was cancelled) and then a pretty okay Diablo-style game for the iPhone (Dungeon Hunter 2) and quit the industry after finishing work on Dungeon Hunter 3 (which turned into a terrible F2P battle game). F2P took over and sucked decency and fun out of everything. I did not get into the industry to make those sorts of "games".
Now I just draw cartoon butts all day. The income is minimal and there's no future here (the long term future looks very grim indeed), but I don't care. I don't have a family to care for, friends worry about, or industry that I care about contributing to. I'm getting my comics done and then letting the chips fall where they may.

So NTR is like a drug you need to fap? What's the order of content potency? Watersports<Inflation<NTR<Scat<Vore<Guro<Vanilla?

I like the ones that start out vanilla and then turn into NTR. Bonus points for yandere and guro.

Hey Dan! You're a huge inspiration for me- not just as an artist but as a person. I love how confident you are and have followed your works since 2007. Just one question- what's your ultimate burger? Brioche or whole wheat, cheese, pickle, rareness?? keep up the good work -w-

Thanks, dawg! And thanks for sticking around for so long!
My ultimate burger -- enjoy!
1) half pork, half beef, with plenty of fat.
2) mix some salt and pepper in that meat and add a little touch of butter and mayo.
3) knead that / pat that like it's delicious flat chest
4) toss it on the pan and let it get that delicious brown crust. Medium rare!
5) toast those buns. Sesame seed or bust.
6) add bacon, caramelized onion, fried mushroom, lettuce, a little spicy mayo (just mayo and Frank's Red Hot sauce), mustard, and tomato.
7) Enjoy with some crispy homecut fries and a nice cold Boddingtons Pub Ale (or Guinness)


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