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Is it cake if I eat a cupcake named Cupcake while lusting after Cupcake? Is it bad that the word 'cupcake' no longer looks like a real word to me?

it's a caek thing if u do on it ok
so u no ok
dont do a lick on a forst bc its note rite

On average, how many hours per day do you spend drawing?

Lately, every moment I'm not eating, sleeping, or writing. I was grinding 16 hours a day at some points...

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Could Cupcake take Usagi/Sailor Moon in a dessert eating contest?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Cupcake would break Usagi's silver crystal and dump a hot frosting into her open, waiting mouth.

Do you nerds still do that irl stuffed Nana "mail her all over the world" thing? Also, I'm one of those idiots that read T42R in middle school. It is my favorite webcomic for sensitive+understated twenty-somethings as a depraved+stupid twenty-something

Nope, the Nana doll has been lost for years. I want to do a "Cupcake's hi its my a cutest world tour" but I'm not sure how to make/commission a decent Cupcake doll.
I really need to update T42R. There's this stupid Waifu kidnapping arc that needs doing.

What would you do if you got married, impregnated your wife, and then found out the baby is a boy?

Wake up.

Do you have any friends in meatspace or on the web that you can share anything and everything with?


Maybe Tumblr or Pixiv?

I'd have to port the whole site over to Tumblr. Can't really do it.
I could set up an art stream, maybe? Not sure what the point would be, though.
And I am not interested in attracting the SJW tumblr crowd.
As for pixiv, eh, I don't draw enough finished images for that.
Maybe I'll set up ads on clone manga and use that money to buy ads on 4chan and other webcomic sites...

Dan you should show your work on other sites more! (So more people can see the awesomeness)

Any suggestions?

Any chance we'll ever see April, May, and June again?

Unlikely. Just enjoy the vampire waifu comics, it's pretty much April & May 3.0 Monstergirl Edition.

I don't know if you already answer this kind of question but, who is your biggest inspirations especially in regard to your art style.

Tsutomu Nihei
Zdzslaw Beksinski
Bill Watterson
And these days, Studio Trigger
: >

I often think how my life would have been without your comics. Thanks to you I'm working in a field that hast a lot of blood in it! Thanks Dan! Also, what's the most touching thing a fan has ever said to you?

Thanks for reading!
Hm, I've received a few emails from war vets over the years, a couple of 'em had read Nana or T42R and they said it helped 'em out when they came home and were in a tight spot, mentally.
I'm always happy and grateful when these comics are useful to people.
Sometimes I also hear from folks who read T42R strips while they were in middle school. Corrupting the youth!
Ah, there was also a cute asian girl at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival who dropped a chocolate and some handmade buttons at my table then ran away before I could say anything...
I'm touched by it all, really.

Victoria has her hair returning to black? Or was two colors even as (non-fallen) templar?

There's a little bonus strip following this chapter that'll answer your question.

I'm a little sad that Penny Tribute is dead. Where were you going with that, plot wise?

It's not dead, it morphed into On the Subject of Witches.

Does Vicky have any non-robot limbs left?

Two legs and 3/5th of a right arm.
She is actually a righty but has to do everything as a left now. : /

How would you react to someone confessing that they loved you, liked you, or just had a small crush on you? Would you accept their feelings? Would you shoot them down? Would you ignore them? Would you ever give them a chance?

I'd say they haven't really thought this through. Do you really want someone who will ignore you, disregard your desires and never ever put you first? Because there's this cute cakebutt girl that REALLY NEEDS TO BE DRAWN RIGHT NOW? Do you want someone who will resent you and any possible kids forever and ever because they're sucking precious years out of your comic-making life? Do you want someone who will never have money on hand to spend on you?
Even if everything else about me were absolutely top tier (and boy it is not), the list above should disqualify me immediately from any serious relationships, especially at this age. If a woman is 27-30, she should not be wasting her precious time - go away and find someone who can treat you decently.

Is Bikky a breasts girl?

She's a sucker for soft and cute.
I think she might like Snax's cuddly bat form even more.
Is Bikky a breasts girl

This Snax in Vampire Bride seems to have a different personality from the Hoff obsessed increase bubblification Snax of old. What is new and what has stayed the same?

She has someone to care for now. Bikky is 100% dependent on her olev transfusions. ;~;
Also her boobs are bigger.

What is it with you and creating fictional daughters for the express purpose of disappointing? Are we looking at some deep seated psychological issues here?

tfw I will never have my own musume to ask me why I didn't make an interesting manga like Shingeki no Kyojin instead... ;~;


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