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Is it canon that Darkcake has a father complex? I hope so. Dan I want you to have best girl.

>NTRing my super a cutest with my almost a cutest
>tfw I have become neckbeard Woody Allen
At least I haven't become Anthony Burch.

Does CISA's passing affect you. And do you hate it. And what do you think it means for America?

I'm sure I'm already on some list somewhere.
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I'm worried about Darkcake, she needs to ease up or face burnout.

I'll drop by and leave her some ice cream. At least she can snack on that and have a little fun while studying...

Have you seen Ergo Proxy, if so what did you think of it? If not you should watch it, if there were more black pages I would think you made it.

I haven't watch it, but I will. ;w;

Question for Darkcake, are you free tonight?

... ...
I tried to give Darkcake your message, but she's set to "busy".
I guess she's studying again... maybe this isn't going to be as easy as I thought.

Didn't you bake Darkcake with someone else's a cutest?

B-but that--
I-it's just a joke! Those crazy anons online with their memes ha ha ha oh boy you got me anon ha ha
Didnt you bake Darkcake with someone elses a cutest
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How many himehorns does it take to make up a herd?

If you have a hornmother, a haremhorn, and a very safe place for her to lay eggs, you can start with just two! It'll be very hard at first without a musclehorn around and the haremhorn might be worked to death as the number of smallhorns increase... but its all for the sake of the herd-to-be...

You're put in charge of directing in an entire animated feature film, what do you make?

Snowhorn Go Home: The Movie!
It'd be a real tear-jerker, but after the credits you'd get a half dozen 30-second episodes about smallherd of smallsnowhorns doing smallsnowhorn things... sneaking food, hugging stuffed animals, feeling sad and sleeping on nohorn husbando's pillow. ;w;


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