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How can you not want to bully Yukkuris but you want to bully himehorns ;_;

OldKingKota’s Profile PhotoOldKingKota
I want to bully both!
... but I also want to feed them cake and give them headpats. : T
... sometimes it's tough being a greatest cakewitch. : T
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>D O B U L L Y||Which species of yukkuri do you like to bully the most?

Definitely Marisa.
She tries her hardest and does her best to protect her little ones. Her tears are the sweetest of all.
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Why can't those horned fellows build proper underground facilities? They sound like they have a lot of problems yet they have been living underground for a long time, are all the surface predators dead?

Forcedregister’s Profile PhotoUrist
The surface is frozen! Even worse, there are goldenhairs everywhere! And mean nohorn bullies, too!
Living underground isn't so bad, but you have to listen to the Apostle and obey The Pact. If you don't, the herd will be in big trouble.

Will snowhorn VN have cloaca inspection scenes?

There will definitely be an egg-laying scene!
Snowhorn doesn't lay eggs often, though. And the eggs never hatch. Why aren't her eggs happy? Why? ;~;
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How different do your think your life would be if you were the opposite sex?

I'd probably spend a lot more time taking selfies, being a cutest, and posting cryptic status updates on tweetbook.
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Wait a second, the Templars are all female and were when they landed, and there were no humans on the planet before... WHERE DID THE SNOWHORN'S NOHORN HUSBANDO COME FROM?

It's a mystery, isn't it?
You'll have to wait for 'Snowhorn Go Home' to get the answer.

So, how long until the Templars decide to slaughter the horned ones? Or there's a cave in crushing the Herd? or an extremely heavy rainfall causes a flood, filling the caverns and drowning all of the horns on the lower levels? Something is going to happen, this is you we're talking about.

Well, they have a goldenhair and ex-templar sitting right inside their caves... whatever happens next probably won't be good...
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>self-insert // I'd rather play as a fleshed-out and interesting lead I have nothing in common with than a self-insert of the same sex. What aboyt your gal fans? Give him character or don't, but why go halfway when you could make a customizable protagonist or an actual characterized person?

Why can't you self insert into a character that's not exactly like you? It's called role-playing, anon! Imagine yourself as a scruffy nohorn wanderer who wants nothing more than to pass through this world like a ghost -- disturbing nothing, leaving all as it was, and returning to the dust. You're a nohorn who just can't live with a herd... but you get mixed up with a snowhorn who has a herd-shaped hole on her heart...
... it's a cute, tragic, and romantic scenario, anon! Don't be such a stick in the mud!

Snowhorn VN | How much do we have to pledge on Patreon to get David Hasslehoff to do the voice for the male lead?

He's way too old, anon.
Besides, nohorn husbando is supposed to be your self-insert so you can enjoy all those headpats, dead eggs, and bloop-bloop snowhorn tears
Snowhorn VN  How much do we have to pledge on Patreon to get David Hasslehoff to
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>the snowhorn VN will require Uplay >it'll be always-online >it's actually a new spin-off of Assassin's Creed >hornmothers are turned into young human men who have and shag harems of himehorns to appeal to a broader audience >they bring in David Cage to replace you as the project lead

the snowhorn VN will require Uplay itll be alwaysonline its actually a new


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