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Who would Bikky and Snax's VAs be?

Bikky: Tired tomboy voice with a surprisingly bright girlish laugh.
A cutest and bweh: small pokemon-like bwoice bweh =w=
Someone made a list of possible VAs a while back, but I didn't save it. ;w;

Hey! Solaire's the only person I've met this many times without going mad, going hollow (which is maybe the same thing, kinda?), trying to murder innocent ladies and subsequently being kicked off of a cliff by persons who will remain unnamed, or making a profit off of me! (Also, why so many crows?)

Well, now you know why he's called Brolaire.
The crows might be messengers of a certain missing goddess... but it's a bit obscure.

Are Snax's fwippa fwappa ears velvety soft? Does Bikky ever put them between her lips?

Yes and yes.
The bat doesn't like it (she's the one that's supposed to bite!) but she puts up with it.

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tfw people are still discovering the greatness of Solaire. What are your thoughts on those who kill him for his armor/talisman?

If I could, I'd kick every single one of them off the bridges of upper Blighttown.


"You're thinking like a nohorn!" || Thank you Greatest Cakewitch Dankim. I think nohorns were a bad influence but I think it's fading with time...happy horns...♪...happy herd...♪

Much better.
Youre thinking like a nohorn  Thank you Greatest Cakewitch Dankim I think

... Sempai, is there something special about Solaire? Other than his being a cool guy, I mean. How'd he get to Anor Londo without murdering the Iron Golem? I I mean, Onion guy did, too, but he seems like a weenie, so I'll just assume he snuck past or something. Is Solaire also a chosen deadguy?

Just keep adventuring! You'll find out more about him later...
And you sure do talk about Solaire a lot.. if I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for him! Oh no, dear me, pretend you didn't hear that.... ha ha ha ha!

I went grave-robbing and found a neat scythe! And the Gravelord Sword again! ... The scythe was just kinda where I landed when I decided that Skeleton-kun would never take me alive and jumped off a bridge! Is the scythe a good weapon in this game, or is it more realistic in that aspect?

It is a very good weapon! Many consider it top tier!

Could be wrong about that, though. ||| ... Why not use a Claymore or a Halberd... Shields are optional. I used a Claymore +10~15 and won without issues. =3=

There are plenty of great weapons. I used the Halberd and black knight greatsword on my first playthrough (pre-patch the thing was quite speedy and hit like a truck). My current fav is the good ol' longsword with Crystal Magic Weapon.

Musclehorns and Haremhorns have different colored horns. I assume they are born the same and change later. Are they white or black at hatching?

They start out white. In fact, for the first year the musclehorns and harmehorns look identical... only their dispositions are different. After that first year though, the musclehorns gets HUGE and their horns grow dark. Meanwhile the haremhorns stay small and get soft and squishy.
You can read about the life cycle of the herd in the Vampire Bride Encyclopaedia!

>putting points into RES | Sempai pls, have a little faith. Even feverbrained, I see that it's just a more expensive way to dress in layers! Are there any dex weapons I should look out for early on, aside from the rapier/estoc/uchigatana?

It's been a while, but I think that's about it for the early game... except maybe scimitars from the skeletons. Could be wrong about that, though.

... I just have a PSP... and a PSX in... unknown conditions. ;w;

I love my Vita-chan. It's a great weeb machine and so nice for playing PSOne classics that missed out on... I'm playing through Grandia, Suikoden II, and Growlanser... those Satoshi Urushihara designs are 2LEWD ... I LOVE IT

Sempai, I did a dumb and didn't put any points into vitality. Also I didn't specialize in either DEX or STR, so I'm weak. If I restart, should I go DEX, or is Dark Souls a game where that's not viable without loadsa backstabby sneak attacks and what-not?

DEX builds are good! STR builds are good, too, if you like HUGE HEAVY WEAPONS. Pretty much anything is fine as long as you don't put points to RES or spread things out all over the place.
But yeah, put some points into VIT next time. Endurance is good too if you want to roll faster or wear heavier armour.

No Vita No Love T_T. But Rorona ok! Will do!

Oh well... at least you can still get Rorona Plus on the PS3! Make sure you get the "plus" version, this is really important. There are a ton of graphical, gameplay, and content improvements.

>Hornmother Vintage wishes for a heard to fill the hole in her himeheart and ends up with a power that gives her 666 animal friends

Hornmother Vintage wishes for a heard to fill the hole in her himeheart and ends

Why do musclehorns get all worked up over a haremhorn's wisper in the ear. >.> Me thinks the musclehorns are the maculine of the herds' yin and yang. So they just react the way young men do when a pretty girl's talked to them.

You're thinking like a nohorn! Masculine/feminine means nothing to a himehorn...
A musclehorn lives to please the haremhorns but get treated roughly their whole life... that's the natural state of affairs. But if they a few kind words in the ear, it's (almost) form of superstimulus ... the musclehorn will be up thinking about it for days...
In a way, it's a form of bullying. The haremhorns have the musclehorns totally wrapped around their fingers. That's the way of the herd. =3=
Why do musclehorns get all worked up over a haremhorns wisper in the ear  Me

Daaan! Which Atelier triolgy should I start on? Arland or Dusk? Or somewhere in the middle? So many games, but I don't wanna make a bad choice T3T

Rorona Plus
Totori Plus
Meruru Plus
You can play the dusk series in between, but make sure you play the Arland series in order for maximum enjoyment! =w=
Aahh~ I love the Atelier series so much... I hope Atelier Escha Plus comes out for the Vita soon...

Good luck to you, anon! Work hard, do your best, and make your own little patch of paradise with your own hands... =w= ||| I can barely write a few words to make a sentence let alone to draw ... and only sometimes they makes sense. ;w; I wrote a few ¨things¨, that's all I can do. orz...but thx, Dan.

Well, best of luck with whatever you do, anon. I'll do my best to have some fun comics for you whenever you drop by. ;w;
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You are really talented Dan, I wish I had at least 1% of your talent ;w;

Thanks for the kind words, anon. ;w;
I feel the same way sometimes when I reread BLAME! or watch Kim Jung Gi draw, but then I remember it's all about becoming your own master and making the stuff you want. ;w;
Good luck to you, anon! Work hard, do your best, and make your own little patch of paradise with your own hands... =w=
Here's Kim Jung Gi, btw:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGbvhyTZXfsCloneManga’s Video 128049211506 MGbvhyTZXfsCloneManga’s Video 128049211506 MGbvhyTZXfs

Templers = Mods, Vampires = shit posters, Apostles = oldfags?

Templers  Mods Vampires  shit posters Apostles  oldfags
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