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Dear Dan, When I was young I fell madly in love with The Curator from Penny Tribute and I waited patiently through its iterations to see what happened to her (or know her at all). I am starting to lose hope. Will you ever release the story behind your dropped projects? Sincerely, Concerned by Waifu

If you leave an offering, perhaps your wish may be granted...
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Hey Dan, how are the eyebrows of the witch chaika? Healthy as always, I hope.

Great Witch Algis is resting in a place far beyond the stars. But she is always watching over her garden and the fruits of her garden. One day she will return.
Her eyebrows are super healthy.

But what for? Why does powernap? And ehy you announce something like that (sometimes)?

A greatest cakewitch has to announce a cakenight or it'll just be a goodnight.
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What is a "greatest cake night"? Where is it happening? Can I come too? Can I bring friends?

A greatest cakenight is a greatest cakewitch's greatest, strongest power nap.
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Update the Raisin Story! DO IT! JUST. DO IT! (Now seriously, update it on your website, it seems you are a tad behind.)

Yes, I'll do it this weekend. I've been falling really far behind on site maintenance tasks.
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Hey dan, I understand that freedom of speech is important, but I really didn't need to see you rub in the election results to my face. My party sucks and Hillary sucks, but I really didn't need to read that.

Your party will do better next time, man. At least, we're all counting on it.
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Raisin is going to jail, isn't it? This is going to turn into an episode of Prison Break in any moment. If it happens, I will blame you. Because you are a bad influence and the mastermind behind all the bullying that happens to the himehorns.

Raisin will be taken to the evil Egg Man who will extract her eggs!
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Why do you think there's only one company that really makes turn based isometric RPGs anymore (idea factory/nis)? Final fantasy tactics is still making money and the NIS PC ports make decent money so why no love? Permadeath old school roguelikes seem to get more love these days.

Genres come and go in waves as new avenues for improvement are invented, developed, then exhausted. As soon as there's an amazing new mechanic that can be duplicated, sold, and improved upon the genre will come back. Some indie dev will probably find the way and the rest of the industry will snatch up the idea.

With how many times we end up reading Cuck instead of Caek, why haven't you gotten around to fixing it to make it slightly clearer?

I'm not going to fix it. That'd be doctoring a photo of my a cutest and I won't do that. I want her natural a cutest and bestness to shine though.

How do I get over my autism of wanting to make a custom engine, so that I can actually finish my games?

You gotta learn to choose your battles -- half of real-life game design (as opposed to on-paper design) is just learning to scope appropriately and choose where to concentrate your efforts to get the best bang for your buck. Really take the time to consider whether your tech would really do anything that can't be bought off the shelf, and even if would, consider carefully the cost/benefit to doing it on your own... quite often the right answer is that someone else has already concentrated hard on this particular problem and has created a good solution. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Keep doing this and you'll free up time and resources to spend on the features that really matter and will become (if you're lucky) the benchmark/off-the-self parts for someone else in the future.


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