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Will you ever make a comic featuring Maria Starlight? I just want more pictures of my waifu.

Puella Pantsuit (starring Maria Starlight) is in the production queue!
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>they probably won't like you much||| I help hive them life and they still don't like me. And you tell me nohorns are the mean ones.

Maybe if you can win their trust with cake?
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If I get a wronghorn and raise her to have her own herd, will they revere me as a god? Will they treat me like a creepy uncle? Will they all abandon me?

A wronghorn is highly unlikely to produce eggs. And even if they do, they'll likely be unhappy eggs... the kind that haremhorns would have nightmares about...
On the off change you get a wronghorn that's only a liiitle bit of a wronghorn, they probably won't like you much. Your nohorn smell will mean you can never be a real member of the herd.
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Who is you're favorite girl in Vampire Bride?

Annis is best bro, but I also love Snowhorn... and new leedah... and also the bweh....and Great Witch Algis' eyebrows... and Best Daughter (kukuku~)
Don't make me choose! ;~~~;

I started drawing my original characters, and now I feel really attached to them. Do you feel the same way? Do I feel shame and avoid it or accept whatever may come?

I love all my OCs.
And I love making them suffer.
Accept it, anon. Embrace it.
This is your life now.

When will we see more witches?

If you're talking about On The Subject of Witches... after Vampire Bride.
If you're talking about more beings like Enna and Algis... well, you'll have to wait and see.
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Is there a way to induce this rejected himehorn to lay more musclehorn eggs? I'd rather keep this herd lean to save resources when I only have want for musclehorns. Should I bully more? Should I keep it in closer proximity to another herd? Steroids?

>: T
Why are nohorns so terrible?!
You're going to stress out your hornmother and make her lay unhappy eggs!
... ... if you absolutely must have more musclehorns, the trick is to expose to haremhorns to a bit of another herd's attack scent over many days. If that doesn't work, try the spilled blood of their own musclehorns. This will cause them to produce a messenger scent that will work its way through the haremhorns and eventually reach the haremhorns that tend to the hornmother. Those haremhorns will produce another scent that will induce the hornmother to lay more musclehorn eggs.
WARNING: only expose the HAREMHORNS the other herd's attack scent/their own herd's musclehorn blood. If the hornmother smells it directly she will flip and produce her alarm scent could send her musclehorns into a blood frenzy. It will also greatly increase her stress and could make her lay unhappy eggs. Don't do it!

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How many hornmothers are needed to be able to lift another hornmother?... and how many to lift a musclehorn?

Two working together could probably do it.
As for lifting a musclehorn... why would you want to do that? Is it hurt? If it's hurt just leave it alone. The haremhorns will take care of it.
How many hornmothers are needed to be able to lift another hornmother and how

What is the most chuuni thing you've done this week?

My bathtub was under repair earlier on in the week so I had to use the shower in an empty apartment. I did a secret agent thing in the empty apartment (going up against the walls and snooping a bit) and thought about Yuki's room (from Haruhi).


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