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>... yellow was left at the cave entrance... she was eaten by big worm... ;_; RIP | WHY DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE EVERYTHING DEPRESSING!? STOP IT ;____;

OldKingKota’s Profile PhotoOldKingKota
;_; That's just how himehorns roll. It's for the good of the herd...
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As a game designer, do you mostly think up concepts and how to implement them, or are you expected to do a lot of coding and management stuff?

Basically I handle game systems.
So imagine a game like Dark Souls.
The creative director says the game's going to be dark medieval, give the feeling you're vulnerable all the time, that the world is deeply interconnected, lots of armor and swords and spells, huge enemies, we talk about fire and ashes a metaphor for .... well, you get the idea. All the vision stuff.
The game designer thinks up all the systems to support that vision: we're going to have armor -- okay, how does it work? Whole suits of armor? Armor pieces? What are the stats? Does armor have weight? Do we need a weight system? Can armor be broken? What happens when it's broken? Where do you get armor? Do we need a loot system? How does that work? How does combat work? What are the player abilities? What are the controls? How does the camera work? Basically, WHAT IS THE GAME and HOW DOES SHIT WORK and IS IT FUN are the questions we're asking and trying to answer all day.
Of course, we work together with programmers, art, writers, etc. to make sure stuff makes sense, edge cases are all accounted for, the creative director's vision is preserved, everyone's synced and on the same page, we weave systems and story/lore/etc. together, the features are all feasible, and then finally everything is decomposed into trackable, deliverable parts for the production process.
It's a lot of brainstorming, writing, documenting, talking, prototyping, and tons of collaboration.
Sometimes it's a wonder anything ever gets built at all. I think it's the best job in the world though. Well, maybe besides making comics and drawing cakebutts.
Feels good man!

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If musclehorns get such a kick out of brutalizing the local wildlife and destroying all the things why have they not come up with competitive sports yet? Why not do some sparring among themselves to let out some need for wanton destruction.

Because himehorns are not a tournament species, anon. They don't really have a strong concept of "being in a friendly competition", except possibly between herds and that's more of a fight for survival rather than a fight for a place in the pecking order.
Musclehorns do wrestle, but it doesn't have anything to do with competition or practice -- it's just what musclehorns do. They'll lift or wrestle anything around if there aren't some haremhorns to keep 'em in line...
If musclehorns get such a kick out of brutalizing the local wildlife and
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Do you name all your cakes so you can use them as reaction images when appropriate or do you usually draw them on the spot? You are a speedy sketcher indeed

I used to draw 'em all on the spot but now I have a pretty big pool I can draw from, so I do that instead. I even have really odd ones... like this:
Do you name all your cakes so you can use them as reaction images when

So whats your deal with momodora? Is the creator just a fan of yours or did you actually have a part in its development? Why does the hornmother eat cake so slow? Why is she separated from the rest of the herd? How can I help her? please assist

I totally forget how I started talking to @rabbit_nabokov ... anyway, the himehorn is just something that was added as an easteregg. I'm not sure why! Maybe cause himehorns are so cute?
And that hornmother was obviously lured away from her cave by a fake cake. Probably some nohorn trying to capture a hornmother so he can start a himehorn farm...
You'll need to buy up the farm and send those himehorns home. ;~;

Hey Dan, what do you think about the steam cards drops and how you can't get them all without spending money in one way or another?

I dunno. I don't care about Steam cards at all.
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I've been wondering Dan, what's do you do at Ubisoft? Are you programming, art, cake boss, Uplay community defender, or what?

I'm a game designer!
Basically I work on game systems, rules, etc. The basic framework for the gameplay experience you'll get.
I don't eat cake at work but sometimes I eat donuts. Probably too often.
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>futa girly abs >tfw Esper Quest is kill because nobody wants futa girl abs and everyone bullied her because it "wasn't yuri" | Dan, please. Encourage your kohai down the path of lewdness. She has the power to outlewd us all, if we only let her.



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