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NTR is the best fetish/// So you are okay that we NTR Sakura right?

Looks like there's only one thing I can do... pack her so full of frosting in the morning that's no room for more!
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How do you go about creating the settings for your comics? I've tried to do stuff like that for tabletop RPGs and it never really gets anywhere.

I always start with a seed image or scene and branch out from there.
I think a big part of creating setting is working out the consequences of your initial choices. For example, if there's a templar that loves a bat and runs away with her, why does she run away? Why is there a vampire? Can vampires even love? What are the other templar doing? What's their organization like? Why did they send a single templar to fight a powerful vampire? What kind of weapons would be effective in the first place? .... any answer to one of those questions starts to set constraints on answers to other questions and brings up new ones... for example, if the weapons used to fight the vampires are limited, why haven't they run out? Where do materials come from? Are the templar new arrivals to this world or have they always been fighting the vampire? etc.
Bit by bit, the image starts to get clearer until it feels like the world is humming along nicely on its own and the details of each additional part of the world are set by the results in the other parts of the world. (For example, because the vampire bride world is frozen over, food has to come from another place... hot rivers and lakes and indoor farming areas -- but that means there has to be harsh constraints on living space which means the organization of the The City has to be very strict, etc.)
.. anyway, hope that helps...

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Why is Darkcakes mouth Drooling so much ? L..Lewd much ?

She came out of the oven with melty mouth and heart-shaped pupils.
Please don't call her lewd... she's a good girl who always thinks of others and does her best to contribute to society. She can't help it if her face and body look like they want to be frosted 28 hours a day in every hole until they're all totally broken and can never go back to the way they were. She's going to study hard and build a good life for herserlf. ;~;

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Darkcake needs her own ask.fm, so she can relieve some stress between study sessions ... Cupcake has her tumblr, so is only fair... and maybe, she could make some friends. It could be the start of a brighter future for her.

Darkcake doesn't have time for that. She's afraid of all the attention, anyway... she sees what it did to her older sister. It's better to live modestly and rightly...
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If Cupcake is a cupcake, then why is she a cutie pie?

hi its my cupcake muu =3=
thx 4 ur notise on my a cutest
but u shud no it okay
im a caek
NOT a pie but im stil acute =3= mu
If Cupcake is a cupcake then why is she a cutie pie
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I bet the Great White and Southern Witches are actually artificial intelligence quantum computers left over from a long dead advanced race. They caused the end of the universe by using up all it's energy as a power source. Now they are either broken or in power conservation mode.

I bet the Great White and Southern Witches are actually artificial intelligence
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Why is everything so quiet today. The noisy neighbors are quiet too. They must be planning to take over the world. Please Dan, don't let them! I bet the neighbors are Templers. The Great White Witch brings us evil...ahhhh....!

Keep your horns in their horn-holes!
It's nothing to worry about. Your neighbours are fine... they've probably just been turned into dark vessels. Wait a couple days and you'll have some cute fuzzy bwehs around the house. =3=
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Sempai, is Ubisoft gonna screw up that new Rainbow Six game?

Beats me -- I don't play FPS games anymore. Last one I played and enjoyed was the original Half Life.

Small town - Population 7000 ||| Hah. I live in a town of around 1450 ... And it's large compared to where I grew up.

New Hamburg was the actually the town next to the one where I really lived -- population 1500! So you still got me beat, but not by much. ;w;
There was corn field across the street and a cow field next door... and it was a about a kilometre to the nearest neighbour's house. We got our eggs from the chickens down the street... good times. Never really appreciated it until I moved to the city.
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I liked Demon's and Dark Souls but have yet to play DSII. Was Dark Souls II really as bad as people say?

If Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls never existed, Dark Souls II would be considered a great game, but as it is ... well.... It feels like a fan game. I think it's worth checking out, if only to cement in your mind just how special the first two games were. I still finished it and still had a lot of fun with it.

What was your first paid job?

Worked at a small-town (population ~7000) gas station owned by a old man named "Wally". His real name was Hans (supposedly), but after WWI and WWII the anti-German sentiment in the area got so bad he had to change names, apparently. Well, that's the story, anyway. The neighbouring medium-sized city had to change names from Berlin to Kitchener. The small town itself was still called New Hamburg, though.
Also worked cashier at convenience store, did some small book illustrations, etc. My first full time job was as an art consultant at a video game startup in Toronto. After that I went to do game design at Gameloft for 4 years... now I follow my passion and draw cartoon butts, thanks to folks picking up books and signing on to Club Cupcake. ;w;
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I figure Pancake gets a steady job as an accountant or something, and hates every second of it & Darkcake is the one who ends up drawing cartoon butts for a living because of inherited talent, but has no passion for it.

I should have never baked those cakes... why must they suffer so? ;~~;
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>Cupcake plays only F2P casual games Please tell me you made sure to raise Darkcake on proper and good vidya in between her studying.

Hmm... I never hear her talking about games. Or tv shows or her friends for that matter. I wonder if Darkcake is doing alright...

>I don't want my a cutest to come back covered in the frosting of 48 different countries!! || Now that's just unreasonable. As of right now there are 196 countries on earth, so she'll be frosted AT LEAST 196 times a week on average.


Even if Taken is just a movie, would you search for someone if that someone kidnapped your dauther?

I'd make a trade. I'd draw the kidnappers waifu and then mail her to him a bit at a time. First a bit of hair as a warning... then a finger, then an ear, a hand...
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Does Sakura have to call for a plumber while you're out to unclog the bathtub after Cupcake takes a shower? You know, to clean all the frosting out of the drains? And maybe give mommy's pipes a good once over, while he's at it.

Does Sakura have to call for a plumber while youre out to unclog the bathtub

Have you ever considered putting Cupcake in a "foreign exchange program" and taking Darkcake in exchange?

No way. I know what happens to a cutest cakes when they go abroad. I mean... it's not like she's not doing that already... but at least she has to come home at night while she lives here... ;~;

Waht kind of father doesn't give to his cutest and bestest a caekstation?

I don't think she even really likes games. She just likes pestering her twitagram followers for attention, cakedollars, presents, etc.


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