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Planning the world should be part of planning the plot, and therefore progress. You shouldn't just design a world without the story in mind, otherwise you should be making an RPG or something instead.

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Well, depends on how you work and what you're trying to do. I've been around the block enough to see the value of many different ways of tackling issues. Sometimes plot is super important and should govern everything (say, a mystery story), other times it's all about the expressing a mood, idea, or a highly polished fragment (like Kafka's very short works), sometimes it's best to have a very simple elements that showcase the world (stuff like BLAME! -- especially those chapters where Killy just walks from point A to B). But yeah, point taken -- sometimes world planning has to be done alongside the work on the plot.

Dan you're right that planning the world isn't progress. This is one of the most basic and well known mistakes that beginner fantasy novelists make, and causes many of them never to write the first novel. What's most important is the drama, not the stage.

I know, I know. I did it right the first time with Nana. Simple and readable!


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