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Did you ever consider the fact that you are a nohorn? Maybe you should go home. Then again you know if you go home you're gonna see Chad frosting Sakura.

A greatest cakewitch isn't a nohorn. A himehorn should be able to tell by the cakey smell.
also no bully ;_;

Why is it that most of the settings you write, no matter how far removed from technology and computer science they are, implausibly contain video games? Who is making them, and how have they maintained a working condition for so long?

The games on Big Egg have four sources:
1) Boons from the White Witch, given to fruits of her garden
2) The library of the Great Hall (in the West House of The City)
3) The Secret Shop in Enna's Domain, which connects (or used to connect) many distant places
4) Artifacts of former/current guests on Big Egg
I assume that any sufficiently advanced technological species will have some notion of play and use its technology to enhance that play... and that means GAMES and eventually VIDYA GAEMS (in various forms). Well, for creatures and eyes and the right kind of brains and physical manipulators, anyway. You're gonna find book-like things (like herd records), too.
Anyway, I just really like video games!

Do you realize that darkcake will fall for an neckbearded edgelord like you because of her unsolved issues, right?

Darkcake is a good girl who works hard every day. She doesn't have time for relationships.
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Depressed Anon, I also strongly suggest to you a book I've suggested to Dan before: The View From Nowhere, by Thomas Nagel. It systematically demolishes a lot of the seemingly insoluble fatalisms depressed people find themselves in by challenging their assumptions.

Posted for depressed anon!
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